Rare Disease Day

by Kristi on February 28, 2014 · 0 comments

I love keeping up in Feedly and seeing some of my favorite bloggers post every day. I’ve been trying to write more (which is why I’ve been posting lately) and hopefully I will keep up my posting to get me in a good place for writing more frequently. Today I saw a few posts on awareness for Rare Disease Day.

That struck me because while I don’t have a “rare” disease, I have one of those diseases where I ‘look’ okay to people. If I look okay, I must be fine, right? Well, no. I am so lucky that my Crohn’s Disease is moderate and I have controlled it by diet for the last year and a half, which even enabled me to stop taking my medications. (Woohoo for eating no wheat, sugar, and soy!)

There are many people who do have a Rare Disease and can’t get the funding to explore more options on how to treat it.

Some good posts that I read today:

What I want you to know – Rage

CNN – Children face rare disease with bravery

Rarest of the Rare – Spohr’s

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