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by Kristi on June 26, 2011 · 0 comments

Every weekend I enjoy going through Lisa Barone’s weekend links over at Outspoken Media. She always finds at least ONE thing I end up sharing on Facebook for the week. Funny or touching, I always like to skim through them.

There were two this weekend that I wanted to share. One I already passed to my Dad for his review. He’s such a political hound I figure it will be interesting to know his thoughts. One, because he’s a total Republican (All the time when I was… oh, super young: Kristi, are you a donkey or… AN ELEPHANT!???) but he definitely has some hidden Democrat in him. Or at least enough reasonableness to make sense.

Do you like how I just said that my Dad makes sense sometimes? ¬†He should be so happy. ūüôā

(I am a registered Republican but I voted for Obama, FYI although I voted for Meg Whitman for CA Governor.)

If you have some time, read this:

My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant – Post your thoughts if you have them. I am not that political to get into an overlong discussion about it but I read it and I’m still thinking about it an hour later.

The thing that hits me is that he came over when he was twelve and thought his papers were in order. Until he was sixteen and found out that he was illegal. He continued to think that his years of hard work would make it all work out. The¬†embodiment¬†of the ‘American Dream’, right? His Mom shouldn’t have done that. Her parents and siblings were able to come over legally. Do we punish the child for the wrong of the parent?

If I was in charge, I have no idea what I would do. I hope that he won’t be deported but I know I hope that because I read his article and I sympathize with him. Our nation has laws that we need to uphold. Or change.

What should our¬†immigration¬†laws be? I have to say I don’t know what they should be, and I probably don’t know exactly what they are. I don’t think we should have open borders but maybe we shouldn’t be so¬†stringent on people who are already here. It’s hard to know what is right. More over, what won’t cause hurt to our country. I don’t want people waltzing in to do any harm without repercussions but I also want hard working individuals the right to be here safely, work hard, pay taxes, and raise a family.

Any thoughts from you?

A sad one:

The Survivor – Do you remember this trial? The husband was tied up after two men broke into their house and raped and murdered the children and the wife. Then pour gasoline on them and set the house on fire. Amazing read but don’t read it unless you are up to it.

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