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I can’t wait to eat these again. Saving the recipe here.  These are ALWAYS a party pleaser. My Grandma Evie first made them, and then my Mom would make them all the time, and then I started making them. They disappear at an extremely fast rate but they take about 3 hours to make!  I usually buy about 3 cans of whatever I want to make (beef or chicken) and that makes about 75, if I can remember correctly.  Depending on how much ‘meat’ you roll up in the tortilla.  I do just a small pinch.

If you freeze them after you roll them up, you can fry them up when you are ready to serve. The frying can take a long time for 75 taquitos though! So just be warned if you try and do the whole thing at one time.

Libby’s Roast Beef in a can
Swanson’s Chicken in a can
Corn Tortillas
Onion – at least 1 – FINELY chopped
Lawry’s Package Taco Mix
In a skillet, sauté the onions until they’re VERY tender. Then add the meat with the juice and break up into tiny pieces, and simmer until it cooks completely down and loses all of the liquid.
Then get the Corn tortillas and a great big skillet and lots of Crisco oil – the BIGGEST can you can buy.
Melt the Crisco in a big skillet – very hot – take a spatula – soften the tortilla by putting it “in and out” of the oil quickly – drain on lots of paper towels.
Rolling the Tortillas: Place a little tiny bit of meat mixture in a line on the tortilla and roll them up – put them in plastic container with the rolled side down.
Refrigerate them for later….Place Wax paper between layers – can be frozen till later.
Fry them up in Crisco oil, and ENJOY!

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