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I was shocked to open my email and find out I was nominated for a “Just Spotted” OC Blog award in the Family and Personal Blog section.  Super cool! I love visiting Just Spotted because they always have updated new about fun things going on in Orange County.

I also love reading Kelly’s twitter updates and seeing her run on TeamSparkle. I don’t know how she does it!

If you have a chance, be sure to vote for the awards and visit some of the awesome sites nominated.

DrewB is nominated under Photography, check her out! I also just found The ModChick today (under Fashion) and I am in love with her blog design. I’m drooling over it. I am waiting for a good hour to explore all the sites under Handmade (for Christmas presents, of course!), SuzBroughton is awesome for Micro Blogger (she is also the blogger for OC Family!), Land of Gracious Living and Angry Julie is always entertaining under Favorite Local Blog, and Marcy over at the Glamorous Association is a great read under humor. Just some of my favorites!

What favorite blogs are yours? Go check them out and vote!

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