OC Fair 2010

by Kristi on August 15, 2010 · 1 comment

Griffin Laughing

The smile on his face  is the reason why I love my life! He was so happy to be on them and just loved it!

Pure joy.

I had to take a video because he was so cute. The last few seconds just show his pure excitement about the ride.
He was loving life. So adorable! I just can’t get enough.

Sam was having tons of fun too. She got to go on more rides cause she was the big girl but she helped her brother on a few more.

She went up the big slide. Which she did not like. She did it though. Screamed for about 10 minutes after. LOL

Wish I could have gotten a video of that.

But our cuties love each other. I hope it lasts. Because they are so sweet and play so well together!

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1 Laurie at mizwrite August 20, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Love these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that your cuties love each other, too! And it’ll last. … Just keep reminding them how lucky they are to have each other — they absorb that truth pretty early on.

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