Cranky Griffin

by Kristi on November 22, 2009 · 0 comments

Griffin is a huge bear when he wakes up. Most usually from his nap and he only is happy after zoning out on some Dora for a bit after.  He cries and whines and takes forever to settle down.  I’ve found that when he is happy? It’s after a three hour nap. Since he usually takes 1.5, it’s a long time until he settles down.

Today he took 1.5 and Sam didn’t take one so we went down and Sam asked to watch TV. I said just one episode of Dora (I have it DVR’d) and we sat down to watch.  It took 15 min until Griffin would accept his milk and sit quietly on my lap and after the episode, I turned it off.  He again turned into Mr Monster.  After another 3o minutes of whining and nothing making him happy, I took him up to his room for an unofficial time out so *I* could also have a time out expecting him to scream it out for a minute or two.

As I walked away, all was quiet.

I went downstairs, did some things, and walked back up and into the room… He was laying down like it was nap time. The lights were on yet he thought I had laid him down for a nap! He sat up and we read some stories until Sam came up and he started freaking out again.

I finally just did the same thing thinking he just needed another nap.

SO STRANGE.  It’s been 15 minutes and I just now hear him whining again.  Maybe when I get him he’ll be in a better mood.

Babies and their naps. Jeez.

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