I Am The Cookie Monster!

“I am the cookie monster!” I shouted to the sky. **

On Friday we had our Fall Festival at Sam’s new school. It was AWESOME.  The thought put into this event was amazing. They had the coolest crafts, super interactive games, and crazy water play for the older kids.  So cool!  But I was ready to cheat on my diet.  I wanted brownies. A pan of them.  I would settle for some chocolate cookies though. I bought a dozen  Campetelli Cookies to give to the ‘Cake Walk’ for the school. Anyone ever done a cake walk? In my mind I was picturing a big room filled with cakes (baked goods) that you walked through and then bought some to support the school.

I was wrong.

A cake walk is a big circle of musical chairs, with chalk squares written on the ground. You bought in for a ticket and walked around while the music played. When it stopped, they drew a number out of a hat and whoever won got to pick a cake.  Do you know how many times I played that game? Ugh. There was also NO other baked goods being sold at the event. No cookie booths at all.  It was horrifying.  There was snow cones and cotten candy though but I wanted baked stuff.

Finally at the end of the night we had four tickets left and we all played. I was holding Griffin and took two tickets and when the music stopped I was around 14. Since 4 is my favorite number I stepped on 14 and took 13 as well, since 13 is so unlucky.  Then 14 was picked! I won! But since it was the end of the night do you know what was left?  NO brownies.  Actually there were expresso ones.  EWWW, I hate coffee.  Then I saw them. Three store bought (not Campetelli) hard choco-chip cookies.  I hemmed and hawed but there was NOTHING good left.  I ended up taking them and took a bite and it was SO gross.

Once we got home, I peeked into the boys room and the dozen cookies I got them were only half way gone. The chocolately ones were gone but there was a regular one left.  I snatched it up and ate it while enjoying the season premier of Grey’s Anatomy. Which was awesome.

After I had one, I then proceeded to eat the other two gross ones from the festival.  Fully expecting to regret it later.

Surprisingly, I did not.  I CAN EAT COOKIES.

I think that may be a bad thing to know.  I reached 150.5, do I really want to know that I can eat cookies without feeling sick? The 10lbs gone feels so great!

The next morning I felt great, hubby woke up super early with a craving to go to the Pancake House.  Since I was bad the night before and nothing happened, I decided to be even worse.  Yep. French toast, covered in butter and syrup, with eggs and bacon.  I skipped the cheese on the eggs since I’m pretty positive I have problems with that.

Guess what?


Can you see the pounds creeping back on me? haha :)

Well, good news though.

The bad news is that after I had my cheat day (well, night and morning) I was good and then I tested out chicken.  Chicken was not good. :(  I waited another day and then tested chicken out again tonight and I think I have another food to add to my bad list.  Garlic, corn, and chicken.  I have to test out whole milk next, I think.

If it is all meat then it would make sense because I was having chicken every other night, with pasta (meat in the sauce) the other nights. Plus turkey and ham sandwiches almost every day.  Bacon didn’t bother me though so maybe it’s not all meats.  Maybe the chicken four times a week was enough to throw me off balance.

A friend commented the other day that she knew someone who had problems from the hormones in chicken. Which is fascinating. Especially since I break out in hives when taking synthetic hormones.  Hmm… I will have to continue to experiment.

I have been enjoying shrimp stir fry lately though.  Shrimp is sooo yummy. Especially thrown in the pan with mushrooms and asparagus with a little white rice. Yum!

**  Anyone get The Ugly Pumpkin for their kids? We got this last year from a friend and Sam is getting a kick out of it. It’s actually for Thanksgiving but I got it out of the holiday books because it had a pumpkin on it. :-) After reading it over and over again for the past week, we were at the park one night and Sam climbed up a big hill, threw her arms high up in the air and shouted, “I AM THE UGLY PUMPKIN!”.  I just cracked up.

I am STILL on my Diet!

Yes, I am still going strong on my crazy diet. I can’t even believe it. Every day I think to myself, I should really test out a pan of brownies. You know, just to see! I have stayed strong though… somehow.

Yesterday I tried out eggs so I know that is ok, added in to my diet and seems to be going well.  I am currently on veggies, rice, fish, plain bagels, and eggs. I will try it for a few more days before adding something else in. Maybe to those darn brownies!

My meals today consisted of:

B: Two scrambled eggs, salt & pepper added, plus a mini plain bagel, butter & jam
S: Cold carrots and snap bean peas
L: Quarter of potato (steamed), then stir fried up with mushrooms and rice
D: Baked salmon with onion & mushrooms, butter, salt, pepper, oregano to taste and huuuuge pot of steamed zucchini, squash, green beans, and carrots
Orange jello for dessert

I’ve been a bit pissy though because after loosing about nine pounds on the liquid and then veggies portion of my diet I have not BUDGED in a full week.  Part of that is my period, ugh, so slightly explainable but the other part is that I feel like I’m SO LOW in my weight that my body is a little in shock.  I haven’t been this weight in years!

I’ve always hovered around 160 and size 12/14 and been semi-comfortable with body image.  It’s fluctuated over the years, especially with both pregnancies.  I went down to low 150’s for a month or two when Sam was a year old and doing Weight Watchers but went back up after I reached goal and then got pregnant again.  In the summer of my senior year I did a CRAZY diet (plus diet pills – fun! Not…) that got me down to the high 140’s for a short time but again, I went back up.

Well, the past week I have been stuck at 152.  That is an amazing number for me though.  Especially considering I am fitting into size 10 pants and bought a medium (a MEDIUM!!!) shirt at the mall the other day! Whoa baby! I do have a long ways to go to hit my ‘drivers license’ weight though.  Yes, that is stuck at 140! LOL – I can’t imagine what I would do if I ever hit that weight. I may have to go back to the DMV just to move that number lower.  Ladies, it’s a written rule that it must be at least ten pounds less than what we currently are, right?

It’s also nice that I feel good every day.  Eating fish everyday is getting to be extremely annoying though.  Right now, for sure I know that garlic, corn, and cheese (assuming all dairy) is a problem for me.  I will probably try chicken in a few days and then whole milk after that to keep the ingredients pure and continue to find out the culprit(s). I have a big suspicion that chicken is a problem as well.  I ate it almost every other day so that could have been one of the main ingredients of what was affecting me.

I still have to determine if grains are a problem though.  My one big cave was a bagel one day and that didn’t affect me so I’ve been sticking to plain bagels.  There is a little wheat flour in them so maybe they are ok? Hard to tell.  Some of the rice I have been eating has traces of wheat and soy and I’ve been fine so hopefully that is not a problem?  It could be the amounts of wheat and soy that I was eating were greater than what I’m doing now, so I do need to test those as well.

So fun.  Well, not really. But very healthy for me!  So many of the foods we eat have so many combined ingredients that going back to the basics has been a very interesting science discovery.

It will be nice to find some other things I can eat that aren’t so carbalicious. All that rice, potatoes, and bagels I’ve been eating has been helping me  plateau on my weight, I think.  Being this good, I need to have some happy news on the scale. :-)  SOMETHING has to be good about this diet, right!??

Day Three, on to Veggies

Last night my throat finally got so bad I couldn’t sleep and felt terrible in the morning. It was burning and closed up so I figured, I finally got a virus!  I made an appointment while Sam was in school and Griffin and I went in.  My favorite nurse, Bernadine, was able to see me and just gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin and didn’t do a throat culture. It was getting late and I had to pick up Sam.

Poor Griffin was really freaking out the whole morning. He’s either teething or getting what I have.  Probably both.  He currently has the two bottom front teeth and two waaaaay back-there teeth, maybe they are molars? Then he has four teeth on top. So he has a ways to go.  The two teeth on either side in front on the bottom are just bulging, so it will probably be soon.

Taking Amoxicillin, Bernadine reminded me that I should take it on a full stomach.  Oops! My third day of the clear liquid diet, what was I to do?  Well, since my tummy was still a little messed up, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to eat some veggies and move on. I did make it two and a half days, that was pretty darn good!

Plus, it seemed that when I would have chicken broth, it would upset me a bit.  The grease in that soup does not look pretty, let me tell you.  So it was nice to cook a huge plate of veggies and have it in place of the soup tonight.  Also, the Sprite seemed to bug me.  Which is odd because I’m drinking Gatorade with no problems and that has tons of sugar in it.  I really don’t get it.

Of course, the kids had pizza…

Will power, I has it. (For today at least!)

After a quick trip to Henry’s this morning, I ended up roasting/baking sweet potato chunks, a half of a white russet potato, asparagus, and mushrooms.  I covered them in a bit of olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and oregano. Then I steamed fresh green beans, zucchini, and yellow squash with more olive oil, salt and pepper.



It turned out pretty good! I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes though so only ate one or two of the frys. The regular potato was ok but I’m more of a fan when it’s slathered in butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon. :-) The rest was pretty good.

I wish I could search tonight on other ways to make veggies.  Anyone have any good ideas? Maybe tomorrow I’ll sauté some mushrooms, onions, and garlic on the stove and try and use that as more of a sauce?? I have no idea. I think I’ve only ‘sautéed’ once in my life, I am so not a good! I really wish my Internet worked tonight to research it! Thanks Time Warner…
The veggies were good though, it’s making me hungry again. I want MORE!

It did not help that I took the kids to Golden Spoon since it was Thursday.  My MIL usually comes over on Thursday but she had to work tonight and lately we have been going for ice cream.  Since it was just me with them, I said WHY NOT! I brought my orange Gatorade and had some sugarless gum to tide me over.  I’m now munching on some orange jello. MMMmmm, jello.

The kids are so cute. I usually ask for a mini only half full for Sam and the girl did a full mini! So she took the top off and put it into another cup. I had her put sprinkles on both and Sam had her treat and Griffin got his.  He finished a lot quicker than she did so he was walking around until she decided to offer him a spoonful.  Then he got a spoon and then it was her turn.  It was so cute, she is so sweet to her brother.

Golden Spoon

I have made an appointment with the food allergist.  That should help matters.  It really started right when I got pregnant with Griffin.  Those darn hormones can really screw with you! Tomorrow I don’t know what I will have for breakfast.  I have been having about 25oz of water in the morning and then switching to Gatorade. I might do that and try to last until lunch.  Then maybe a nice leafy salad with carrots and cucumber with some olive oil and lemon juice.  The dressing doesn’t sound nice but after not eating for three days, I’m sure I will love it!

Finally, Time Warner got their act together. Woohoo, Internet!

Clear Liquid Diet

I am sitting here tonight mentally patting myself on the back because I have made it through 24 hours of a clear liquid diet.

Yes, a CLEAR liquid diet.  Water, sprite, Gatorade, jello, and chicken broth.  If you see me in the next few days, please don’t talk about food, k?

I may have mentioned a few times in the past two years how I thought I was lactose intolerant, or I couldn’t handle sugars… I’m to lazy to look up my last posts.  But I finally got sick of feeling, well, sick! So I cut out the sugar and I was STILL feeling bad! I happened to be seeing my doctor the other day and asked her about a cleanse diet where I could fast and then slowly reintroduce foods back into my body.  She told me about just drinking/eating clear liquids, similar to what they do for before/after surgery.  She said I should do it for 5 days, and then she looked at me, at both of my kids sitting at my feet (where I had bribed them with fruit snacks to be quiet) and said, why don’t you try for 3 days instead?

After that point, I can eat veggies for a week. Then after that, I can introduce chicken, fish, and rice.  Another week after that goes… I forget what, fruits, I think.  Grains last.  Bleah.

She also said I should see a food allergist which I do need to make an appointment. It would probably be less troubling to just find out what I am allergic to first but I was really tired of feeling sick.  I just wanted to get on with it.

So here I am. It actually hasn’t been that bad.  I started to feel sick (a cold sick, sniffles, etc) last night though so maybe that helps? Feeling sick and not wanting to eat?  Who knows.

The loosing weight benefit should be rad though.  Hopefully. Hopefully I can stick it out and not ruin it.  I’m just waiting for my body to go back to normal, and hopefully it will do that too.