15 Months

Griffin turned 15 months on June 30th (July 1st??) and since we switched doctors our appointment was delayed until last Thursday. He’s doing great though!

Stats for G:

Birth: 7.6lbs, 20in

2 Month: 12.9lbs, 23 3/4in

4 Month: 15.10, 26 in

6 Month: 17.1, 27 1/2in

9 Month: 20.1, 29 in

1 Year: 21.14, 30 3/4

15 Month: 22.6, 31 1/2 in

Stats from Sam to compare:

Birth: 7.1 lbs, 20 in

2 Month: 10.6, 22 1/4 in

4 Month: 13.6, 24 in

6 Month: 15.9, 25 1/2 in

9 Month: 18.4, 27 1/2 in

1 Year: 19.14 lbs , 29 3/4in

15 Months: 22.1 lbs, 31 1/2in

So he didn’t gain as much as Sam did but it’s probably because he won’t eat ANYTHING except for bread and fruit. Half the time he spits out the fruit when it’s not what he wanted! He is SO picky. I’ve found that if I shove something in his mouth that I know he will like, he will eat it once he figures out what it is… but getting to that point is SUCH a battle that I’ve basically given up. Plus dinner time is supposed to be a happy time so, whatever dude! Drink your milk instead!

We have switched to soy milk for both children as their pooping problems… OH dear dear universe, I just don’t even know what to say. The soy milk hasn’t even helped but I continue to be slightly suspicious of cow’s milk, and having never switched over to organic milk – I’m sure soy milk is much better for them. The Doctor says anyway! It was a little hassle getting Sam to drink the vanilla but after a few weeks of weaning her from chocolate soy to almost all vanilla in her cup, I think we are ok.

I know how she feels though, I think soy is disgusting.

Griffin is such a happy boy. Except for after naps. He follows after his sister on that. But he seems so mellow, he loves to follow Sam around, and he loves hanging out with people. Sam likes to play by herself with her Little People and dolls but Griiffin has to be around people to play. Even if you are just sitting next to him, he’s pretty happy.

His first official word is pizza. He says it REALLY well too. He also says banana and mama, of course. He says some other things but they are not official words. He mimics quite a bit which is so cute. He also has a ‘song’ he sings around the house and if you sing it back to him, he gets REALLY excited and sings it louder. LOL – I will have to video tape it but it goes something like… “Da, da da, digidigi, da, Da, DA!”

Oh, the screeching… I have to mention the loud girly SHRIEKS he will do around the house to hear his voice echo. Oh wow, it just sounds like fingernails up my spine, right into a nerve in my head that starts it aching. Then Sam will join in and both of them will start. It is pretty cute.

I love this age.

Preschool Backpack

I’ve been thinking about preschool for Sam and whether or not she needs a backpack. For the past few weeks I was thinking, nah, she doesn’t need a backpack. I didn’t really remember seeing any in their cubicles when we toured the school but then again, I didn’t really remember…

Then Pottery Barn for Kids showed up with their back to school backpacks edition. And ooooh, it hooked me. She does need a backpack. She needs her lunch box at least, and I’m more in love with the cute little lunch boxes with the little containers you can buy to put in them now too. But the backpack is needed for extra clothes because OH MY GOD, potty training is kicking my butt. If anyone snuck into my house today and looked at my Google history it would be filled with ‘potty training setbacks’, ‘what do do when your preschooler is driving you batty’ and other interesting (or not so interesting…) things like that.

Back to shopping. Where should I go? I know some people are reading this who already have purchased cute backpacks. :)

I definitely want a preschool backpack because it’s a little smaller. But there is Pottery Barn and the cute lunch bags, Sweet Dreams Baby (which I just browsed through and liked!), and let’s not even talk about Etsy.com.

More cute finds at:

Anyway. Mama’s, where did you get your backpacks?? Should I just wait for Target to get theirs in?

UPDATE: ¬†After going through all the helpful links below, searching out backpacks, checking out Target… We made the decision on what preschool backpack to buy!

Update 2012: Take a look at the AWESOME cute elementary lunch box we just got Sam!