My Sweet G

Aww, I put G down and after standing up and rocking and singing to him, I set him down in his crib like usual.  I then grabbed his milk and walked out. Usually he sits back up and watches me walk out.  For the past week I have been giving him milk in a sippy cup instead of nursing *sniff* (I’m still doing mornings but will be stopping in a few weeks, I think) so I just walk out still humming a tune and then close the door.

I’m afraid to make eye contact.

But tonight he sat up and as I was walking out, I noticed he grabbed one of his stuffed animals (I have two in there) and then crawled back over to the middle and laid down to snuggle with his lovey.  It was so cute!!!

All that pain and suffering and crying (on both our parts) to master sleeping at night (and naps) was just so worth it to see him lay down and get a good nights sleep.  He’s been sleeping through the night for about two weeks (reliably) now.  He did wake up two nights ago but *gasp* I did not nurse him.  I was very proud of myself.  Naps are fabulous too.  It’s wonderful. (Knock on wood.)

I’m battling potty training right now for Sam but that is another story. I just have to keep telling myself that the hard work,  pain and suffering is (again) going to be worth it.

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  1. Kristi, I’m battling the no-nursing thing, too! I stopped cold-turkey, was only doing 3 a day, now none, and it’s hard! I WANT to give her comfort, but hey, she’s almost 18 months, she’s eating solids, she has tons of teeth, it’s time she did this sleep thing on her own, right? *sniff*

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