Friday Funny

Sam is a whiz at my iPhone. She has some games that I’ve downloaded on there that she adores playing.

She also likes clicking through all my other buttons.

Including the camera.

She has been a little photographer lately, taking pictures of things.  I’ve skimmed through them before deletion and some of them are actually in focus and pretty good.  I’m thinking of signing her up for a DrewB Photography mentoring session… Whatcha think, Drew? Are you ready to tutor my genius child? Maybe then she can give ME lessons…

Anyway, my point being, she has been grabbing my camera and taking PICTURES of EVERYTHING.  Since she usually grabs my iPhone when I’m in the shower, this is becoming quite a problem.  She thinks it’s hilarious to take a photo of me coming out of the shower, or standing around getting ready NAKED.  She thinks it’s even more funny when I have to chase her down to rescue the camera on the slight chance, she figures out how to click on the email button and then email my whole address book the frightening photo she just took.

This morning she asked for the phone and hubby was there and I leaned out of the shower and told him, make sure she understands that if she takes ANY naked photos of me she will LOSE the phone for good.  Luckily that stopped her.

For today anyway.

I’m thinking I need to ban her from my phone. It’s just too nerve-wracking!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Funny”

  1. Well it IS hilarious. LOL – I mean, I had to hide in my closet yesterday because she wouldn’t stop! haha!

    But really, I can see her hitting buttons randomly and emailing… someone BAD in my address book! *shudders*

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