Photoshoot & Halloween

by Kristi on November 1, 2008 · 0 comments

Wednesday we did a photo session out with Krysta with her photographer cousin. It was supposed to be with a few other twin families but they were not able to come, I guess. This was so much fun, I can’t wait to see the pictures.

I just have to say I’m soooo glad we had so many adults there, even if there were only 4 children. There was Chris, his mom Diana (Krysta’s aunt), Krysta, Nicole, my Mom, and me – and Sam, G, CharChar, & Rae – and Brett came a few minutes later. And the walk back was ROUGH. It was terrible. LOL – I’m hoping we got one or two cute photos to erase the memories of Sam’s meltdown. The session was right at 3pm but we didn’t really get there until 4pm so Sam did not have her nap that day. Enough said.

She looked damn cute though.

And the yellow car that Mom & John got her for her birthday last year was like, the best prop ever! I KNOW Chris got the cutest photo of Sam in the car, pretending that she was driving down the road (she refused to drive in the car, it was scaring her, LOL) but she was turning around waving to all of us! It was hysterical.

Anyway, my Mom had her camera out. No real good pictures but it shows how cute everyone was! Obviously the Marvin Twins were adorable! I can’t beleive they are turning ONE in a couple of weeks!

View my Mom’s photos – plus some quick photos of yesterday at the Festival.

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