Sam’s Hearing Test & Sickos again

by Kristi on September 20, 2008 · 0 comments

So I finally caved and sent in Sam’s speech questionnaire. I don’t know why I was delaying. Her speech is getting a little better. But then I think that it’s just she is saying new words and that is what I hear getting better (her vocabulary) but the actual pronunciation is still terrible.

They called me back and said because of her severe jaundice at birth we want her to get an audiological evaluation? What? A hearing test. Blah.

Of course, I immediately thought of when they sent us the jaundice photo therapy lights to our home at 10pm and we said, how in the WORLD does this go on? Well, we will just wait to talk to our Dr in the morning at our appointment. And what did the Dr do? Yell at us for not putting her under the lights IMMEDIATLY. I remember the relief I felt when we got the call about her jaundice finally going down from the blood tests a few days later.

GUILT. Guilt, guilt, guilt. It never ends.

Blah. So it will be interesting to see if she has any hearing problems. She certainly has enough wax in her ears. :) I’m always picking it out, ewww, hahaha. My favorite thing. That and boogers… Hee.

G is doing great. He finally started opening his mouth for the spoon to eat. It just clicked with him a few days ago. I don’t know how much to feed him, the little guy just keeps eating. He is still getting up at 4 or 5am but for the past week I have been convincing him to go back to sleep with me until 630 or 7. At least there are no more 2am wakeup times. And he goes to sleep beautifully. At some point it will all work out.

We are all sick over here. Not terribly sick (yet). But G was sick the past few weeks and Sam woke up this morning sick. I have it lurking in my throat and so does J. Sam is HYSTERICAL now that she is talking so much.

“Me sick, Mamma”
I need medicine, Mamma
Where we going today, Mamma? (You are sick, baby, let’s stay home!)
Me bettah, Mamma! Let’s go somewhear…

It cracks me up how she repeats my name all the time. Or when we are in the car (both J and I) and I will say something like, Look at the train, Sam! And she goes… Papa! Papa, look at the train, Papa! It’s like a game of telephone or something.

She is saying things in full sentences now, and while (as mentioned) the pronunciation is terrible, I usually know what she is saying. She is SO funny. Being sick today she wanted her nose wiped every time it was running. Ugh, I couldn’t get her to use the Kleenex herself. Oh well. But the funny thing is when she would start crying (for whatever reason) and then she would cry out, My NOSE is running! Kleenex! And then we would wipe it… and then she would cry out, my EYES are running! Kleenex! haha

Well, I can’t even remember what I did this week. My memory completely fails me lately. Today we went to dance class because she was doing a little better… and tomorrow is her recital! I can’t wait! I hope she is ok enough to go to it. We shall see!

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