A few "quick" thoughts

When am I ever quick? Ok, I’m tired though. LOL

– I made Chicken & Rice tonight! Yum! I only used two chickens though so I did about a cup of rice (there was a little more left than that so I did pour that in) and two scoops each of the three soups. The rice was still a LITTLE soupy but actually not that much. My Mom emailed me last night and told me that she sometimes puts it in for 2 to 2 1/2 hours at an oven setting of 250d. That makes it more tender. The chicken was perfectly tender, it was great.

Also, since Sam doesn’t really eat chicken I waited until Justin called me to say he was coming home (incidentally – he called 15 min later saying he got stuck and was 30 min later but whatever, lol) and I cut a piece of chicken off, put it back in the oven, and then cut up the chicken in LITTLE tiny parts (Sam can’t chew very well, still no molars) and made a chicken & cheese quesadilla. haha – To bad she didn’t eat to much of it but oh well, I tried.

– We haven’t been giving a bottle since Monday! Justin has either been gone or playing poker (just last night, hehe) so I just didn’t offer one! She asked for on on Tuesday but I distracted her. At 7 or 715, I make half of a wheat english muffin and put peanut butter & jelly on it and follow her around the house shoving all the pieces in her mouth. Then we have milk & raisins during story time. Hopefully we can stop that at some point.

– Sleep issues… Mon, great, Tues, great, Wed…

Justin got home at 1? 1230? Basically, I think she heard him and woke up… but I was feeling really crappy and went to bed LATE at 1130 after texting him all night after he got back from the airport at 930 and had a pillow over my head. Usually I don’t do this. This is Justin’s trick. But the bathroom light was hurting my eyes, the office ceiling lamp shattered (3 min earlier it would have shattered on my shoulder) and I had to bend down a million and one times cleaning it up and I seriously felt like I had to throw up. So I was DEAD asleep. At 2am, I heard Sam crying and realized I had a pillow over my head. LOL – So I turned around (believe me, this SOUNDS much easier but is quite difficult now at 32 weeks PG!!!) and attempted to turn down the monitor. Then I look up and Justin is out of bed getting clothes!! WTF? I was like, what?? “She’s been crying for an hour.” “What? Really?” “Yes” “Um, blahblhablh…okkkk” So he’s out the door. I did feel bad for a few minutes. I didn’t hear her? Was he serious? Was he giving her a bottle? He knew she hadn’t had one the whole week. Ahhhh! I knew he had no sleep either but he was already out of bed so since he was out the door I just decided to lay back down. Ok, I went pee first. *sigh* Preggo curse. I was going to wait a few minutes and then go see if I could take over. They went downstairs though.

I found out later he asked her what was wrong after she kept crying and she violently made the EAT EAT sign. So she was starving. We had dinner at my Mom’s house that night, she didn’t eat any spaghetti but I followed her around with salami and cheese and she ate all of it! Then did the English muffin so I thought she would be fine. I guess not. I feel like I follow this child around with food constantly, it’s so annoying! I’d just let her figure it out by herself but it’s always AFTER the food I got her is cold. AFTER we are already up and doing something else. And who suffers? We do. LOL – With night wakings. Anyway. Oh well. Not as bad as the bottle right? Well, he fed her yogurt so still annoying.

Thurs, great. Friday… we shall see. She didn’t eat THAT much tonight but she ate some. Plus the muffin.

– Full weekend this weekend. My MIL has her Arbonne makeup party. Then I want to get my toes done since Justin has been gone the whole week. LOL – He keeps pointing out to me that it wasn’t like he was on VACATION. Sunday is my Grandpa’s 75th birthday!

– We had such a nice time today. My Mom & I went down to lunch with Krysta, Nicole, & Angela at Ocean’s 33. That is where the girls are throwing Griffin a baby shower later next month! I’m so excited! We looked at the menu and marveled at all the crazy kids around. They actually put us in the room where the party is going to be, probably cause there were 5 adults and 3 kids… It was great. Sam ran crazy around the room and I didn’t even worry about the fact she was banging her toys on the window cause nobody was there to be disturbed! And everyone held the babies, and it didn’t even matter that Charlotte was trying to fuss during lunch (cause my Mom just walked around with her! LOL).

– Mmmm, and Justin put Reeces Pieces in the fridge. LOL – I thanked him for the nice chocolate gift that i assumed was all for me. *wink* He just looked at me. He got them at the airport and was thinking of hiding them but knew I would find them. Yup. Already had two handfuls. And Griffin is punching me now. Ow.


OMG, there is a post on my baby board about her older daughter stealing a Nintendo DS and what to do about it, etc. etc. There are such GOOD posts from people who have already been through the same thing. One that I just read though really hit home, especially about her gift part!! I’m just going to quote it here…

“This is how I would handle it….. I would get my daughters piggy bank (without her knowing) and we would go to the store I would let her pick out any toy within her piggy bank money range (within reason) something she would want for herself when she decides what she wants we would go to register pull out her piggy bank so she knows she is using her own money. Then when we got to the car I would explain we are taking her new toy to the other little girl and she will personally apologise to her and her Mommy that she took her toy and that she will give her the other toy as a Apology gift.

Now that is what I would do. Last Christmas I bought my daughter a really pretty baby doll looks like a real baby had diapers a bottle a pacifier and clothes That thing costed me 65$ and she didn’t like it. Seriously she hated it she threw it, I was so mad I thought for days what to do Finally I decided I would show her how spoiled she is we packed it up and went to the local shopping center. I told her to pick a little girl about her own age and we drove in circles for a few minutes till she spotted one. I pulled over and had her march her hind end over to the little girl and ask her if she wanted it. The other little girl was so happy and the Mom looked at me with that are you sure look and I said yes life lesson and left it at that. That little girl hopped away like it made her day, My daughter got to see how it tickled the other girl. and I knew someone would appreciate it. “

That kills me! So appropriate! I can just imagine it. How will I know to do these things when it happens to me? I was a spoiled little brat too, my Mommy always used to buy me clothes alllll the time. For little special occasions or just because. There would be cute outfits waiting on my bed all the time at home. One time, and seriously I was old enough to know better, it was something like leggings and I remember whining about how horrible leggings are and they made me look sooooo fat. What an ungrateful child! I think my Mom just said fine, if you don’t like it, I won’t buy you things again! Or maybe she didn’t say anything, I don’t remember, but that was the end of the cute outfits appearing! Appropriate for a whiny child!

It scares me that I will have to deal with these things. LOL – I feel so unprepared.

Chicken & Rice Casserole

From my Mom, from her Mom… It’s super good when she makes it! I think I’m going to try it tomorrow…


4 Chicken Breasts (Boneless and Skinless)
1 ½ – 2 Sticks Butter
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Can Campbells Cream of Mushroom
1 Can Campbells Cream of Chicken
1 Can Campbells Cream of Celery

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees

Take the chicken breasts and place them in a medium-hot frying pan (use a little olive oil first) – I would season the breasts with salt and pepper initially. Boneless and skinless breasts work best. Brown the breasts for about 5 minutes on each side, to lock in the juices of the chicken.

While you’re browning the breasts, get out a rectangular baking pan (I usually use a glass pan) and pre-heat the Oven to 350 degrees.
Use some uncooked Minute rice (or any type of long-grained white or wild rice) – I think we use 1 ½ – 2 cups of rice and spread it in the bottom of the baking pan
Then take some butter – 1 ½ sticks of butter and melt it in the microwave or on the stove
Mix the melted butter around with the rice.
Open up all three cans of soup, and spread in the pan with the rice and melted butter.
After the breasts are browned on each side, place them on top of the rice mixture, and pat them down a little so they have a little cushion of rice on each side. I think that makes them more tender and delicious. :-)

Cover the pan with foil and pop them into the oven at 350 degrees for about 45-50 minutes. If the breasts don’t look too browned from the skillet, you can take off the foil for the last 15 minutes to get some more color into the dish.

Voila – a dish extraordinaire. This was passed down from my mom, who made this for many family dinners.


My Mom told me later that it makes it more tender if you put the oven to 250 degress and cook it for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I did that and it was great!

** Do NOT put fresh broccoli in the dish to try and ‘steam’ it with the rest of the dinner. The juices from the veggies sit in with the rice and make it really gross! Bleah!

No Bottle Tonight!!!

Oh my god, I didn’t give her a bottle tonight!! She didn’t even ask! I had a few thoughts of going to the store when she woke up from her nap and going to pick out a big girl sippy cup and made a big deal out of it. But when she got up, Elmo just sounded so much better (so I could check my email, you know) and then we went around the house doing stuff and then dinner….

And then since Papa is gone, I asked if she wanted ice cream. heehee – Oh yes she did! So we got in the car and I just handed her the sippy bottle (she always drinks tons in the car), we got our stuff, we came home, I fed her a snack and had the sippy out still… Then we went upstairs and did our thing! We read books before bed with the sippy cup and a bag of raisins. She loves those raisins. She never even asked for a “baabaa”. She does usually have it with Papa though.

We shall see what happens tomorrow. Or even tonight, yikes. Its so much easier doing cry-it-out with one person in the house though. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I know Justin is up and listening I just start second guessing myself. “Am I being heartless? Is Justin still awake? Does he want me to just go and get her? Should I check on her?” I still have those thoughts when it’s me, by myself but at least I don’t have to wonder what the other person is thinking too. That’s a hard job. LOL – I just checked my sleep journal for her and it’s been 11 nights since we’ve given her a bottle. 6 nights since she asked for one and we let her cry it out. She had plenty to eat tonight though.

Baby Loves Disco & Other OC Things

OMG, my playgroup posted that Baby Loves Disco has come to the OC! For the next few months it’s going to be hosted at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa one Saturday a month. I don’t remember where I first heard about it but I read an article about the one in San Diego. Basically, an ‘adult’ club hosts Baby Loves Disco during the afternoon hours and a DJ spins 70s/80s/90s music in a kid friendly environment and everyone gets to get down and have fun.

Who’s with me? LOL – My playgroup is going to go in April and that will be… oh, two weeks after I give birth. haha – So I’m thinking no. I kinda want to hit the March 8th date but the parties are from 2-5 which are prime nap time hours for Sam. I’m thinking if we move her into her room and get rid of those bottles (soon) and her sleeping is ok for the next month, I think I will venture out and stay for the first hour and a half or so and she can just take a short nap very late.

Apparently these Baby Loves Disco things are VERY popular. If you go to the site and click on About and then Press you can read all the stuff about it. The LA one used to be open but had to close for awhile but I just read it’s opening back up. I’m so excited that there is one in the OC now!

Visiting the BLD Orange County page, I have having tons of fun browsing through all those advertisements down the page! All fun local OC kids stores. I ran into OC Mamma.

OC Mamma looks pretty fun. I had seen that site before, they have a weekly blog about cute baby stuff. A lot of it fancy but fun stuff, nonetheless. Anyway, I saw that they have a community site up, similar to Facebook/MySpace thing and I signed up! LOL – Yes, maybe cheesey but I am now encouraging all you OC Mammas to sign up too. haha :)

For you girls who have your own business, it would actually be good marketing for you! They have a Monthly OC Mamma featured page and you can get your business featured. Especially as they are advertising on Baby Loves Disco, it would be an easy smart move to advertise your dress shop, photography, baby announcments, etc. :-) I’m always thinking with my Marketing hat on. hehe – I’m a nerd. It looks like it has been about 3 months since they started the community and there are 72 members already. If you sign up, it will get my name off the front page too. hahaha

We are off to see Cloverfield right now! I hope we can get a seat!

Polka Dots

OMG, i’m in love with the polka dots!!! He just kept adding different sizes and I was gone today at Krysta’s house and when I came home… it was so cute!!!
Here is what you see when you walk in. The bed will be right there and probably will stay on the floor for awhile. The nightstand will go right next to it. Then the big dresser will go more to the right where you can’t see.

Here is probably where the cubbies will go. Straight ahead. The stuff on the right is where more toys will go – the closet is right next to it.

Then, here we have where the dresser will go and then the door out of the room! I just need to finish those cubbies now. Still almost done with ONE. Eek! Plus, call the cable company to fix those wires that you see in the picture above. When we unplug that plug ALL the cable in the house goes off. Fun. Not sure why but I can’t have that in there, she wants to play with it.

I ordered the furniture on Wed and they called today and can deliver it on Thursday!! Yes! Now I just have to get rid of those bottles…. Plus hang up all the cute picture frames, clock, and other stuff that we got her. And yea, those darn cubbies. I guess we don’t have to get all of them done. haha We would be waiting forever for that one!

I have a hilarious video of her walking into the room to see the polka dots. It’s only 41% uploaded right now and I’m sooo exhausted today. Must. Sleep.

Last Night..

So last night was AWFUL! :-) Yea. But there was no bottle. So that is a success, right? And Justin slept through the whole thing. Ok, except to ask 10 min into the crying…. “What? How long has she been crying?” 10min. “Oh.” Pillow over his head…

I asked him the next morning, did you go back to sleep? “After the first time?” – LOL, um… ok, never mind.

But there was no bottle. Ugh. So that is good. I guess. Please please, let tonight be better. I need a full night’s sleep, I had no nap today, no nap yesterday (although I laid down but couldn’t sleep – so at least I was rested).

Tonight we went to my uncle’s Dad’s funeral reception. We did not go to the funeral, I was worried about Sam, but we went to the reception. It was lots of fun actually. Everyone said it was a beautiful ceremony. Brad’s Dad passed away last week after an illness and everyone was there to say goodbye so, at least, that was nice. Sam saw her cousin Dana, whom she ADORES. Dana came over and gave her a big hug and kiss and sat with her playing Little People for awhile. Plus some of her friends sat with her. They were amazed by her sign language (little that she knows).

Also, the polka dots are being finished tomorrow! I’m so excited! Scotty is so sure of himself being artistic and used to this stuff. He got a stencil of different sized circles and said it would look good with three different sizes. I was like, ok great! Go for it! And our house is getting all fixed up which is great too. We drag him over about once a year to do misc. stuff. O-M-G, he fixed our water pipes problem, which was crazy, anyway in the process we got all of our WATER PRESSURE BACK. You do not know how freaking great it is to have WATER PRESSURE. Our showers this morning were soooo nice. And I think… i THINK if someone is running water in another area of the house at the same time, the water still stays hot. I think. And if that is true I will be so happy.

Finally, forgot to say yesterday… that I made Chicken with Stuffing again. It was SO GOOD. Do you know why? Cause I gave the ingredients to Krysta last week so she could have dinner ready that night… and she made it great and told me how. LOL – So obviously, I need to make things, then give them to Krysta to tell me how they should really be made. *sigh*

I’m going to go update that post right now with what she did to make it great. I’m going to bed. Ugh. Please think happy thoughts about our sleep tonight.

No Sugar and other Happy Matters

No sugar In ME that is! Or, not a LOT of sugar in me. Or.. you know, NO gestational diabetes for me. :)

Which means that was SUCH a great thing that I got to eat all that Coldstone ice cream last night. haha :) After the first three bites I felt a little sick but crammed half of it down my throat anyway. I actually didn’t have too bad of a reaction so that is nice. I will be sure to stop by Baskin Robbins for a mint chocolate chip ice cream shake sometime in the near future. Just to test myself. :-)

Of course the nurse DID say that I should be sure to avoid refined sugars for the rest of my pregnancy. I solemnly said I would work on that. hahahhaha – I don’t know why I have such a horrible track record this time. I guess it’s not even a track record of being horrible. It’s a thought process of horribleness. Last time we had our 12 weeks of Bradley Classes while I dutifully marked down what I ate each week while attempting to reach 100 grams of protein. It was all wonderfully wonderful. This time, notsomuch. Make no mistake, I’m eating fairly good! Eggs usually for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, chicken and veggies (or some fairly healthy and not creamy/fattening crap) for dinner. It’s just the in between times where my car just wanders into a fast food drive through, or the brownies I bake at night, or the cookies I stop for at Campitelli’s… or the big cokes I drink. :-) And I think I just feel bad because I HAVE NO GUILT. NONE. I feel completely entitled to the junk food. So I guess that is why I feel so flippantly evil on what I’m eating. It’s not that I’m eating that bad. But if I was worse, I probably still wouldn’t care. Oops. I wonder if we have any Hershey kisses in the pantry?

Oh gawd, we did. I’m happy now. They are sitting in my pocket so J doesn’t see them.

I knew they were there even though I haven’t touched one for months. See what happens when I don’t get my nightly sugar fix? I’m used to Golden Spoon EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. My stupid silly lactose weirdo tummy thing nixed that and I’m stuck craving sugar! I downed two glasses of apple juice this evening when I don’t usually drink it! (Plus the coke I had earlier this morning when I felt entitled due to my pissy mood of no sleeping last night cause Sam’s a crazy person…) Anyway.

Hours later now…

Hmm, what were my other happy matters?

Well, Sam’s room was painted a second coat today!!! And Scott McKeen and his brother are doing the polka dots tomorrow!!! Yea!! I’m so happy I don’t have to do them! Seriously.

I’m almost finished with one of Sam’s cubbies. Almost. Those silly things are taking freaking forever. What a pain. LOL – But I DON’T think it will turn out that bad! So I’m slightly happy about it! I just have no place to paint so when I do, I have to cover the kitchen with plastic, cover the outside poker table with plastic… Paint inside the house, take it outside to the poker room, take the other pieces in to paint, take them out to dry. Then, remove all the plastic so we can have dinner or whatever. Sheesh. And every Thursday is Poker night so the stuff has to be dried/off by then. I painted all last night ~ two hours ~ and had a crappy backache for it and was so tired today that I didn’t do the other side. So we have all 9 parts of the first cubby painted purple and I have to do the other side. Plus, then give some of them a second coat. The pieces in back I will ignore but the front showing pieces I think I must. To clairfy all that paint and I’m only done with one… The cubbies need a fresh coat of primer paint because they are all shiney – so I have to do both sides. Then, the color paint. That’s a lot of paint.

Only 5 more to go as I get bigger and bigger. Wonder when those things will be done? Hmm.

So, I’ve been dedicated to trying to get Sam off her bottles. For the past few months we’ve been doing a 7:30 bottle, then getting ready for bed/bath and having her ask for ANOTHER bottle, and then sometimes even right after her stories and before bed… yet another few ounces. Sheesh. Plus the nighttime wakings were killing me. It’s tapered off a bit but still I want the chance to be able to say NO BOTTLES at night cause we don’t HAVE any bottles…

It’s so sad though, she loves her ‘baabaa’ so very much. But as Krysta said today, alcoholics love their drink too… so that pretty much shut me up.

The cuddle time is so sweet though. Here is her past sleeping habits though:
15th – cried 1:45 – 2:30 – bottle
14th – Good
13th – Good
12th – Good
11th – Good
10th – 5:00am – bottle
9th – Good
8th – Good
7th – Good
6th – 11am – 2am – Bottle ~ 3am Bottle
5th – Good
4th – Good
3rd – 4am bottle
2nd – 4am bottle
1st – Good

Yesterday she has her second flu shot. She always cries at night after a shot, no exceptions. Gawd, I have no idea what was on the 10th… 5am though. Oh wait, I think that was the day I let her sleep four hours for a nap. :) I was having such a good time… The 6th she got no nap at Grandma’s and the 2nd & 3rd were recovering from Oregon.

It’s just so ANNOYING. I hate it. I can’t stand sleeping a full nights sleep for 4 or 5 days and then having to get up for an hour randomly. Let’s not even talk about the fact we will have two soon.

So my main gripe right now is that I had this plan. I was gearing up for it. I have to have plans, you know? Otherwise I will do whatever is easiest. I know myself. I am lazy.

So I emailed Justin – Yes, I email him most things we need to talk about, it’s easier that way. LOL – and made our plan. Right now it was move up the bottle to 7pm, stuff her full of food the whole night and offer the sippy during the bedtime routine and bring in snacks to read books with. We started that last Friday and it’s worked really well. Justin leaves to Virginia on Monday and I was thinking of going with Sam to buy a ‘big girl cup’ this weekend and getting read of the bottles altogether on Saturday. That way if we have any CIO (cry it out episodes), I deal with it myself. It’s just to hard with two people. Justin hates it and then we argue and it’s 230 in the morning and I just can’t deal with it. So in my email I talk about a few different options we can do if she cries – offer snacks? Offer the sippy? Just let her cry, knowing she is fine in her crib. Mind you, we have to move her to a big girl bed in a few weeks! This has got to stop!!! In his email back to me he said, we just need to let her cry.

Well, ok then.

So last night, she started crying at 1:30 or 145am. I kept turning the monitor down but watching it. And feeling bad. She just had a SHOT. I know that’s why she woke up. Plus she didn’t eat her dinner at ALL and we kept trying to push food in her but it wasn’t enough. But we said no ‘baabaas’ at night. He said we should let her CIO. I’m totally fine with that but here I am staring at the stupid monitor wondering what should I do. So Justin finally either speaks up or wakes up (he’s the lightest sleeper, I’m sure he was up) and says ‘What’s going on’. Um, what’s going on?? R U kidding me? Um yea, she’s not sleeping? Yea, I think that’s crying I hear. What do you think? Anyway.

“What do you want to do?” sez me.
“Just give her a bottle – she didn’t eat very much dinner, she’s just hungry.”

As I process this and feel completely upset…. it’s for a few reasons. A) He’s not backing up the plan and B) I didn’t want to back up the plan either.

So instead of freaking out then, or even today – about how we were not following the plan, how we need to get rid of these things – I just let it go. Cause I know I just wanted to give her a bottle too but he just said it first. Although I know she would have stopped crying at some point. Or you know, I would have gotten her at 6am. (I’m just kidding – kind of.) And when I walked in there she just shouted BAABAA at me so obviously, yes, she wanted that. (May I said it was kind of nicer when she could just cry and no words would come out? haha)

I do know that Griffin will be nursed for however long and the sippy cup will be introduced NICE and early and there will be NO BAABAAs after 1 year. NONE. Ridiculous! I don’t care how cute it is if he still likes to cuddle with his bottle with us after 2 years. Boo!

I hate those stupid bottles. I hate washing them, I hate filling them with her stupid poop medicine (even though she will still have to have that in her sippy), I hate them at 2:30 am.

Boo. Someone take these bottles away from me!

And now there is no more chocolate in my pocket. I’m so tired. :) And this wind is freaking me out! This was supposed to be a happier post but I just don’t think I’m feeling it today. LOL – Maybe tomorrow!


Only 48% of parents read aloud to their children?? I wonder if that is right! It probably is, makes me sad. Sam adores being read to. We read to her at naps and bedtime always. Many times while changing her diaper. And sometimes just on the couch in the playroom.

If you have kiddos, how often do you read aloud? (I guess the ones who don’t read to often won’t be confessing here – but honestly, I’m just curious!)