Party in Vegas!

Vegas was awesome for Nicole’s Bachelorette party! Here are some quick pictures.

Plus, you can’t miss the hilarious videos of Nicole trying to check off all her requirments off her Bachelorette list. hehe

Nicole drinking a Blow Job Shot off the Bartender :)

Some Guy dropping his jeans at Hard Rock so Nicole can sign his thigh

Spanking some dude’s butt


Tomorrow we leave for Vegas AGAIN! Woo!

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3 thoughts on “Party in Vegas!”

  1. Too funny! I think Nicole is the only bachelorette I know to have completed those “tasks”. Lord knows I didn’t!

  2. Classic… BTW for those that weren’t there. They guy she spanked and signed his thigh… he was a married man! and his wife is the one taking photos in the background in the white shirt.

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