Calcium Intake

by Kristi on August 19, 2007 · 2 comments

I think I figured out part of my ickiness that happens every day. I never throw up but I just feel crappy alllllll day. I used to have fruit shakes in the morning. They were tasty, I loved them! But as soon as I found out I was preggo, the thought of eating fruit was grossing me out. Milk and cheerios sounded good… with toast. Mmmm, toast.

So everyday, it was cereal for me. I would feel REALLY crappy. I keep having this love/hate relationship with milk. I adore milk. But last year I had to start drinking the lactose free stuff. Then, I was able to go back to regular milk for some reason.

Anyway, on Thurs/Fri I didn’t have milk for breakfast and strangely enough I started feeling better! Yesterday though, I had cereal again and… guess what. Ugh. So I’m boycotting milk for the next few days and we will see how it goes.

Hopefully I can start drinking again when it gets colder! Cause I was looking forward to getting my calcium from Starbucks peppermint hot chocolates! :-)

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