14 thoughts on “Oreo Cookie Is Here”

  1. congrats again!!! sam will love being a big sister! someone to boss around, haha :) at least that’s what haylee’s favorite part seems to be, lol. love you! happy and healthy 9 months!

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I guess we’ll get to be pregnant together :) Yep, I’m pregnant too! I’m due February 8th. Everyone is pregnant now! It’s crazy!

    Congrats again and I hope you are feeling well!

  3. B – Yes, I’m sure Sam WILL love being a big sister :)

    Drew – OMG!!!!! CONGRATS to you! I can’t believe you are preggo! That’s awesome! I’m a month behind you now :)

  4. Candis Sims is pregnant too and due right at the same time as you. EVERYONE is pregnant now! Crazy!

  5. Wooo HOOOOO!!!!! Watch out world… Attack of the preggo mommas is here! HA hA! Good luck getting through the first 10 weeks 😉

  6. Hey Kristi, it’s Erika (Roy’s gf). I just wanted to say congratulations to you and Justin! Though I think I remember someone insisting it was supposed to be Roy’s turn next to pop out a grandkid for his mom? :)I’m sure Sammy will love being a big sister!

  7. Kristi, congratulations!! I kept telling myself that I was gonna ask you a ton of questions on what I need to do and what good advice you have since Sam came out to be the perfect child, and now you’re going through it again too! I’m super happy and excited for you and Justin – you guys are already great parents and now you’ll have another little one to share your love with!

    …okay, I’m totally crying!! darn hormones 😉

    Seriously, though…so happy for you. Have a happy and healthy nine months! I’ll be sure to send some oreo’s home with Justin for you!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can’t believe how many pregnant friends are out there right now!! CRAZY!! Almost makes me want to be pregnant again!! Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

  9. Erika – haha :) Well now it will DEFINITELY be Roy’s turn! Thanks for the congrats!

    Angela – Thank you :) You are going to be a wonderful Mom! Sam is definitely perfect but I think that’s more a testiment to her rather than my parenting skills!

    Jamie – Thank you :) You know you want to have another one! hehe

  10. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That is really exciting! You guys make beautiful babies! I wish you a very healthy and stress free pregnancy. I really really really want to see you soon, so lets try and make it happen. Miss you and Congrats again!

    Oh and Drew that is amazing!!!! You and Charlie will be wonderful parents and what a lucky baby to have such a talented mommy to capture every beautiful baby moment! I hope you have a very healthy and stress free prenancy as well!

  11. Ok I’m all late on the comment train because I never read my google reader anymore 😉 But I told you congrats on IM… that counts right? Anyway, congrats again – lovin the big sister t-shirt – girlie rocks the pink! :)

  12. Paige – Thanks girlie! I miss you too! Definitely know when we can meet. I can go up there or you can come up here. Whatever :)

    Anna – Thanks 😉

  13. Kristi-Congrats! I wanted to leave you a comment here instead of on the boards, so I made sure you could read it! That is so awesome! I’m so happy for you!!! H&H 9 months!

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