It’s TIME!

Harry Potter is here! I have my wrist band! I’m trying to decide if I want it bad enough to stay up all the way till midnight or if I should run down at 10 the next morning. :-) Decisions, decisions.

I’m completely wiped out. Was in Vegas earlier this week (without my little Sammie Leigh – and that other guy… 😉 and got up every morning at 4:30am! Tons of fun though.

More later…

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One thought on “It’s TIME!”

  1. Ha! I had the same problem. I made Roy drive me by Borders at midnight but the line was so long I resigned myself to just pick it up at Target at 8am… then I overslept and freaked out thinking (I guess) that every store in the world would be sold out. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of bed faster!


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