Starting Kindergarden

by Kristi on June 3, 2007 · 5 comments

This is a great article from the NY Times. I’m actually only on the second page but I wanted to give the link out. It talks about when to start your child in Kindergarden. It goes over the very question I’ve had in my mind.

I remember my Dad talking about this for ages about 12 years ago when my brother was about to start kindergarden. I got to hear about the age limit for sports, how ready my bro would be, how much better it would be if he was older than the other kids making him much better at sports then the rest of his class. My Dad’s theories pretty much ran into the sports side of things. I would really like Sam to be older and wiser though. With peer pressure and crazy things happening more and more I’d like my child to have more confidence walking through the school system. Although confidence is something that can be taught and not really an age thing… but still, I think she would be better prepared as a little bit older.

Since Sam is a December birthday she would be really young if I put her in (at whatever time I’m supposed to put her in – I still can’t figure that out) but would be a good age if I held her back a year. I think it’s a lot easier with a December birthday. If her birthday was in April or June then it might be a little different as the age difference would be more remarkable.

It’s an interesting article though! I encourage everyone with kiddos to read it! When do you think you will be putting your children in kindergarden? Do you think you may ‘hold’ them back for a year?

** Edit: Keep reading about some really interesting studies on grades for ones ‘held’ back!