The Third Season

Wow. Grey’s was just horrible to watch. I can’t believe I have to wait all these months for it to start over again. Season Two was definitely a tear jerker but Season Three was so sad, not in a teary way though but in a sick stomache kind of way. It was great. It definitely didn’t disappoint. I definitely encourage everyone to read the Grey’s Writer blog though! I love reading the hows & whys from the producer and writers. Here is a link to the last one they just put up.

John’s 60th birthday party is on Saturday (real birthday was last Saturday) and it’s going to be AMAZING! It’s a 60’s theme and it’s gonna be wild. I can’t wait!

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3 thoughts on “The Third Season”

  1. I know I was so sad last night. You talking about Grey’s all this time got me hooked this season. I need to buy the DVD’s of the other seasons to see all the back story.

    I think “Private Practice” is going to be a cool show too. I liked the intro they gave it last week. I watched it on the plane to VA on my iPod. You think you’ll watch that one too?

  2. I have the first two if you want to borrow them sometime. A friend has them right now but she has already watched them so I should steal them back.

    I will probably watch the Private Practice for a few episodes and see if it’s any good! It looked good!

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