Krysta is Preggo!!!

by Kristi on May 2, 2007 · 2 comments

Well, duh, right?

Well… NO! Not duh! Krysta is preggo a SECOND time. Kind of. There is a SECOND BABY hiding in there!! No joke! I totally didn’t believe her. I thought she was playing an April Fools joke one month late. Nope.

See Krysta’s twins.

I really think someone should reach in there with a red pen and mark up the hidden baby so that later in life Krysta could say… “You hid from me for THREE WEEKS, missy! What were you thinking!”

Seriously though. That is soooo cool. It feels like the best surprise. Now, I can’t imagine all the heartbreak that Krysta has had to deal with for the past two years in trying to conceive these beautiful babies… But to me… After all this time in trying, it was never a SURPRISE that she ended up preggo. That was supposed to be the end result. It was surprising that she WASN’T preggo the first two times. And then when they found out it was one. Well, maybe a little surprising since they put FOUR in… but still, they put four in.. there is a baby in there… sooo awesome. A miracle. But not a huge surprise.

But now.. three weeks later… three ULTRASOUNDS later… and SURPRISE!

It just seems like it is the best surprise ever. After all these non-surprises.

Congratulations Krysta & Brett!!! Justin, Sammie, and I are sooooo happy for you a SECOND time! Happy and Healthy SEVEN months-to-go!

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1 DrewB May 2, 2007 at 3:52 am

That is too cool! How exciting!

2 Krysta May 2, 2007 at 2:37 pm

Eeeeekkk! I am so excited!!! Drew, you better not be jinxing me with that third baby comment…. I swear, I will make you babysit!

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