Tired Day

by Kristi on March 31, 2007 · 5 comments

Sammie with her balloon that Grandma Jerra got her at South Coast Plaza
I think I’m getting my cold back. Yes, the one I started in the house, passed to Justin, gave to Sam, and that Justin continued… and now Sam and I both have again. haha – Luckily it’s not as bad, just coughy-cough-cough and dead tired. Blah.
When do kids stop having a runny nose? Does it go on forever? The drs say, don’t take anything except Tylenol (crap, forgot to give it to her tonight!!! I hope she sleeps!) but her nose just runs and runs. And then I pick it. And that’s never fun, is it?

Just a note that we rescheduled our photo shoot to MONDAY now. :) Drew called this morning and asked to push it back an hour as a colleague of hers was having an emergency and needed a backup photographer. I agreed (at which point she said, but if it would be a problem with dinner for Sam, I understand – at which point I said, hmm, I didn’t think of that – hahaha – I really SHOULD think of those things but I suppose I get their eventually…) anyway, it was not that big of a deal.

Except Justin had been taunting me the past week about having to be home by 430 to play poker (photos at 4 = home at 430 = no way in heck = Kristi exploding = J laughing at me cause he was joking = Kristi rolling her eyes…) But then I thought, gee, I wonder if he is actually really PLAYING poker. So I decided to call and ask. And he was, at 6. So we wouldn’t get that much time. At which point I asked him about the doctor appt he said he would make (after hedging about it for the past three days) and he said the only time was 415 so he didn’t make it. At which point, I said, um CALL THEM BACK and get your ass to the dr. :) So I called Drew back and said, let’s just push it to an afternoon next week.
That was such a long and unnecessary story for ‘we rescheduled’. If you are still with me congrats. There is no prize though, sorry!

I will however leave you with proof of my incredible craftiness…

…. waits for hysterical laughter to die down ….

Voila! Easter egg bucket for Sammie! I was influenced by Jamie’s cute pictures at the park… and I remembered seeing these cute stickon fun stuff at Michaels. :) Not bad, eh?