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by Kristi on March 25, 2007 · 0 comments

So, a blog I read is in love with Lost and posted a fun link to Easter Eggs found on the TV show. It’s pretty good! The things people must to to find these Easter Eggs is amazing to me….

Anyway, they have recaps on many popular shows and I found out that Grey’s will not be on for FOUR MORE WEEKS and when they do come back there are only two shows left. Damn them. 🙂 LOL – I’m not sure if I love the way Grey’s is going now or hate it. It certainly makes sense and is something that would happen in real life (best friends going at it, lol) but I just don’t KNOW. I love Grey’s though and it was a great season. Can’t wait to get the DVD (that I will never watch, grr) but I finally got Krysta to watch the first season, yea! Gotta hook her up with #2.

So, back to Lost. Here is the link to the Easter Eggs from ‘The Man from Tallahassee’. So, I hope you watched it already before you read it. 🙂 I read it first cause I like knowing about stuff before it happens. LOL – Plus, I refuse to watch Lost unless it’s DVR’d cause it’s way to SLOW and BORING and to listen to the commercials as well… ugh. Anyway. This episode was actually really good. Props to them! There is a reason their viewers are down though!!! Here is a Lost Spoiler link for a season finale show. They also have speculation on where Season 4 is going, since they just renewed for another season.

Anyway, check out the site for Lost stuff and all sorts of other recaps on popular shows. 🙂 The spoiler for Grey’s doesn’t make any sense at all. So annoying.

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