Meet My Parrot

This. Is. The. Best. Show.


Have you heard that before? Um, yes. Meet my parrot. You will hear this every Thursday now.

GOD!!!! Every Thursday expect to see a post from me… saying that Grey’s Anatomy is simply awesome. Seriously.

The last minute was so good. SO GOOD! I rewound it three times to listen to Merdith’s voice over about expectations.

“Expectations are what keep us steady. Standing… Still.
But the unexpected. The unexpected changes our lives. “

And just reading it again (if I got it correct) doesn’t do it justice. Because it was just so awesome. The whole show was awesome. The last two minutes were great. Bailey’s speech to attendings was awesome. The thought that there are now four main attendings that match up with the interns made me giggle. George’s speech on love made me sigh. The chief and his wife… so sad. Alex telling off Addy…

All those expectations that everyone has for their life and how things can go so wrong… but turn out so wonderful. And other times, not.

I mean… It’s just perfect. It’s a perfect show. It’s the best. I wonder how it can continue to be better each week… but next week looks SO GOOD.

I simply can’t wait until Thursday.

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One thought on “Meet My Parrot”

  1. I agree…it’s a great show! I have to wait until Fridays and watch it because I can’t stay up that late on Thursdays!

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