Sleeping Success!!! Kind of…

by Kristi on October 25, 2006 · 1 comment

So, we had a great dinner tonight with Nicole, Jamie, Alex, Aiden, Drew, Chuck, Jen, Joey, and baby Joey. We went to Dave & Busters at the Block. Tons of fun! I don’t think I got any good pictures of Aiden & Sam together but we will have to see. Jamie might have. 🙂 Aiden & Sam had a good time sharing food and babbling with each other. hehe

So we came home around 745 and I fed Sam on the couch. She started to nod off and I talked with her a bit and she woke up. SO we went upstairs and got dressed. Since Papa wasn’t home we skipped the bath since I wasn’t prepared. We read four stories (she points and tells me which one she wants to read, it’s hilarious!) and I sang her a song and dimmed the lights… I left one on a little so she wouldn’t be sitting in the dark. I guess I need a nightlight? Then, I walked out!

She was sitting in her crib watching me as I said goodnight and there was not a PEEP! Ten minute later there was still NO CRYING!!!!

Can you believe it?

Of course Crash was outsite… Turbo was inside… and Crash started barking so Turbo needed to howl along with him. GOD! I don’t give a crap if they are barking at ROBBERS if they wake the baby up someone is in BIG TROUBLE!!

Of course she started crying. Of COURSE! I went up their right away and gave her a hug, she was standing up in her crib. She calmed down but cried more after I left. She didn’t cry for longer than 5 minutes and all is quiet now.


Now the question is when she wakes up at 12:30am… what should I do? hehe


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1 Jamie Bengard October 25, 2006 at 5:31 am

It was good seeing you guys tonight!!! We have to do that more often. I didn’t get any good ones either, but I posted the ones that I did get on Aiden’s site! Next time hopefully we get to meet your hubby!

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