First Words?

by Kristi on October 2, 2006 · 1 comment

I’m to the point where I can actually say that Sam has said a few words. Are they recognizable words? Well, that can be debatable.

I am only “maaaaaaa, maaaaaaa, mmmmmmm, maaaaaa” when she is upset and crying. She is not pointing at me when she says it, however the screams of anger/pain/fear would indicate that she may want me.

J is “pa…. pa….pa…” whispered under her breath staring in adoration at him, as if he is a movie star and she is starstruck. You haven’t actually heard the word out loud but if you read her lips, it’s there.

Anytime you here an ‘Ahh!!!!!’ shrieked very shortly, you know there is a cat or a dog in the room. Accompanied with a pointing hand or finger, it is the only time she shrieks this.

The last and final word we have is… clock. Or, maybe it’s ‘ock!’ Grandma Sharon started this phenomenon by winding up all the chiming clocks in her house, and when she is over here, she walks Sam around the clocks in this house as well… After she left, the next day I was putting Sam in her high chair (under a clock) and she pointed at it and said ‘Ock!’. Holy cow! I was shocked and spent the next hour pointing at it and making her repeat me. hahaha

Today we went to pick her up from Grandma’s house and we were very impressed. She would crawl from the living room (up the one marble stair, across the entryway, down the one marble stair ~ head first) and into the formal living room to point at the coo-coo-clock and say ‘ock!’. Then go into the dining room to the grandfather clock, and do the same thing.

I would vote that it is definitely a word. It sounds like clock. She points at the clock. She knows what it is. Her first word.

That is pretty nifty.

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1 DrewB October 2, 2006 at 7:32 pm

Hey Kristi!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! It’s so good to see that you are doing well and have such an adorable baby girl! Congratulations! If you need baby pictures call me 😉


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