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“I love Baby Sammy”
“Baby Sammy is so cute”
“Baby Sammy is so sweet”

Said by Kara… Oh, every 15 min. 🙂

“What’s that?” “It’s a toothbrush”
“Ohhhh” *nodding very knowledgably* “Where did you get it from?”
“The store”
“What’s that?” “It’s a duck”
“Ohhhh” “Where did you get it from?”

Asked by Kara for virtually everything. That girl is hilarious though!

“What would you do with a Scurvy Pirate? Make them walk the PLANK!”

The DVD we listen to whenever we are in the car. I have no idea who it is. But it’s kinda funny. Especially the off key singing of ‘We are digging to find TreaSURE… TREAsure… TREASURE!!!!!” Arrrrgh.

Whew. These kids are HARD to keep up with! But seriously entertaining 🙂

Sammy was a doll on the plane ride. She fed on the way up, slept a little, played, played peek-a-boo with people behind us. It was all good. I think she is a little overwhelmed by all these kids here. She will stare at them as they pat her head and run their hands down her arms. She will laugh though when Kara giggles at her as she squeeks Sam’s ducky at her.

We are putting in Madagascar in the DVD right now. The kids are talking in their bed and Sammy is fast asleep. I know she will get up a few times tonight but that’s ok.

– k

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