Soccer Update

by Kristi on May 28, 2015 · 0 comments

Well, she finally did it. S tried out for a more competitive team and made it. We basically snuck on, really. Tryouts for that group were in January and we didn’t go because she was in the middle of “ZOMG WTFBBQ IS GOING ON WITH HER STOMACH” time and we didn’t want more pressure on her. Then, we tried out for her organization club in March when she was getting better and crossed our fingers. 25+ girls tried out for the same team and they only took 10 or 11 and had 9 returning players. Double sigh.

After this current season, I really needed to get her more dedicated coaching. More than the (super duper awesome) volunteer person who was her coach. While so nice and wonderful, maybe not the best season we have had as she did not seem to learn much. So we started looking around.

A separate organization is extremely popular in our area and we had never wanted to switch because we liked the one we were with. We had friends, parents were friendly, yadda yadda. This one has an intermediate level that is not expensive as club but with more commitment, a few tournaments, multiple times with a trainer during the year, and the team stays together for a full year or longer. She needs that. She needs the stability and extra help that I have no idea how to give her.

Tangent: Soccer is confusing. I also hate reffing.

So we tried out. The coach was nice. I loved the trainer. They did extra fundraising to get the trainer on a weekly basis, crazysauce. After he interviewed her twice and came to one of her games he stopped returning my calls. How rude. Seriously. No, I mean, maybe he’s in the hospital. He was sick the last time I saw him. Or, he had a family emergency.

If you tell me you don’t want my kid, I’m going to be an adult about it. But just tell me. Nothing worse than not knowing. I just want to KNOW these things so we can keep making other plans

So a new team was being set up by two competing parents/coaches from recreation and they were holding tryouts. Seven girls trying out for three spots. That was better than 25+ girls. So the day of… Sam develops a 101 fever at school and it went up at home. She was passed out the afternoon.

I was so sad. She was sadder. She moped around crying. I honestly just wanted to drag her over there and make her show up but she made the adult decision that she couldn’t give 100% so she didn’t want to go. We told her we would do recreation again and she would still have fun playing.

After the weekend ended, I got an email that one of the girls wasn’t sure about the team and they were interviewing a goalie and could my girl show up and show off her skills. Yay! So we did. He loved her. He gave good compliments about her technical skills and keeping her eyes up while dribbling. And the other girl’s parents didn’t want to commit to weekends during the fall (apparently Glamis was too important for them). Their loss, our gain.

SO. EXCITED. This team has two dedicated and excited coaches who both have played soccer in their day. They have a third parent who is all set to be the field manager. The few moms I have met seem very nice. They want to start practices immediately because we are the ‘new’ team and need to catch up to our competition.

My girl is going to be so excited to play year-round and I’m so excited for her. I hope she learns so many new skills and has an awesome time with new friends doing it.

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