Day Three – How I’m Feeling From My Stem Cell Procedure

by Kristi on July 17, 2014 · 0 comments

Getting a stem cell procedure is so new and exciting that everyone wants to know how I’m feeling! Well, a few exciting things have happened…

– I’m gaining the ability to read minds
– My invisibility skills are improving
– I’m working on my flying ability but I think I might need a broom…

Ha 🙂 Seriously, I’m still in healing mode so I haven’t felt too much. If I sit up straight , my stomach hurts so I’m lounging and working from the LaZBoy. My compression garment is starting to get annoying but it’s helpful in making sure nothing ‘jiggles’ too dramatically. 🙂 My punctures haven’t drained too much so my awesome nurse said that they probably got most of the liquid out and it’s perfectly normal.

I did have some insomnia last night and a weird anxiety attack. I spoke to the nurse and she said it was normal for some people. The amount of stem cells pushed through me are running through my body and stimulating my adrenal glands, for example, and loss of sleep and anxiety can be a side effect. If it continues, then we can look into other measures but for now I will try to skip my pain meds (honestly, I don’t really need them) and maybe take a Benadryl tonight if I do have problems sleeping.

Right now my head is bothering me more than anything. It started last night and has been a really low throb and around noon started getting worse. Possibly because I got up and went to the library and the store to get up and walk around a bit and maybe I should have just stayed home. 🙂 I wanted to walk a bit to make sure everything is working!

She said that after the first few days I should expect to feel a lot more energized during the day, and hopefully my issues with my auto-immune diseases would get better as well. Since my issues are sporadic and I control most of them with diet anyway, it will be more of monitoring my symptoms for the next few weeks.

Now I’ll go back to gulping more water in the hopes this headache will magically disappear so I don’t have to take anything for it!

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