Youthful Innocence

by Kristi on March 6, 2014 · 0 comments

I was lucky enough to attend my daughters field trip yesterday to see the play Charlotte’s Web. Usually I avoid field trips because a) screaming kids; b) herding kids; and c) losing kids but my teacher for G coerced me into one earlier in the year and S begged and begged that I would go on one for HER. So I promised her and that was that. I had to pay up and I was lucky enough to request the ‘quiet’ field trip.

It was fun.

It always is fun but somehow I still shy away. There are so many parent volunteers for those things that I think if parents really are DYING to go on these, more power to them! At this age, it’s still a status symbol to have your parent come along. I shouldn’t ignore that fact because as everyone says it will soon disappear.

At the end, we came back to school to have lunch on the grass. I joined S, who was sitting with a group of her girlfriends from her class. My mom friend wasn’t sitting down yet but I was getting my lunch out and looking around. I suddenly became aware that a few of the girls were glaring meaningfully at one of the girls and (not so subtly) pointing at me.

“An adult is on the loose! Watch what you say!” they might have been saying.

I started scanning my braining trying to remember what they were talking about. I had no idea. Where they saying something about Sam that she didn’t want me to know? Possible. Were they being mean to another kids? Also possible. Where they talking about the boy who ‘loooooves’ Sam? Probably not, since they had been talking about it to me all morning (which was hilarious).

I shrugged it off and continued eating and started chatting with the girls.

A few minutes later, one of the other girls got up and went over to the teacher and then came back. She had a buddy with her. She put her hands on her hips and said, “You guys, I just told on you to Mrs R. because you are NOT allowed to talk about pee and poop in front of other adults!”. Her buddy bobbed her head and might as well been shaking her finger in their face.

A girl sitting in the circle said, “POO-POO!” and immediately all the girls started pointing their fingers at me again and hissing to their friend.

Ahh, clarity. Also, OHMYGOSH.

What a bummer that bathroom jokes have been outlawed at school. Those are the best!

Their sense of injustice at this age is so adorable. Funny but adorable.

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