Woohoo! I bought shares of APPL (Apple) yesterday after their huge 5 day slump and today it’s up 5%! I bought at $592.90 and it closed at $609.70 today. I love Apple so I think I will hold on to that.

I also bought BNNY (Annie’s – don’t you LOVE their organic products!?) a few days after it IPO’d at $38.042 and sold at $42.806, so that was a quick 10% profit.

Don’t worry though. Due to the slump in the last two or three weeks, most of my other picks are all down! haha! They will come back up. At some point. Maybe.

It’s fun little wins that make it so exciting though.

KO (Coke) is also up 8% in their profits and up 2% today alone after their earnings call.

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