Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Justin’s birthday! Happy Birthday, honey! I took him out to dinner and surprised him with Mike & Ang who were sitting at the table! We had him fooled! We went to Blue Coral, which is a seafood restaurant next to Fashion Island. It was very yummy. The lobster bisque was almost as good as Mr Stox, maybe AS good… I had the scallops which were great, Angie had the shrimp scampi which was REALLY good. Justin said the swordfish, a la Oscar Style was great too. To bad I couldn’t have a bite being preggo. *sniff* The bread was sooo good. They were rolls just like Red Lobster which is really funny considering I was craving them a few weeks ago! We had a nice night.

Sam and I also went to a Halloween party yesterday which was given by her playgroup. Wow, it was an amazing house. HUGE house and I didn’t even see the inside. The whole backyard was amazing crazy too!

She had tents set up for crafts, a blowup castle for kids to run into, a blowup small bouncy house. She also had a playgym with swings, as you can see above. Here are some kiddos in the smaller bounce house. Sam had tons of fun! I also took a video of her running in and out of the castle, it is uploading now though. Will post it later.

Today I really need to go get her hair cut! Then, of course, we are going trick-or-treating! Yea! I am writing this now at 645am, Sam having got up at 530am. SUCKY. I stopped her bottles in the morning though so we are on sippy cups. She isn’t really drinking out of them but oh well. I’m giving her some dry cereal to hold her off until breakfast but now *I* don’t think I can hold MYSELF off. I’m starving! And tired. Sheesh.

Justin’s BDay Dinner

We had birthday dinner over at Sharon’s tonight. MMMmmm, she made a huge turkey dinner! My Mom & John also came over to celebrate too! I thought Sam was going to pass out with both of her Grandma’s & Grandpa’s around her! haha – She was in rare form. It was tons of fun though. She didn’t want to leave!

I got some cute pictures..

I also took a belly shot last week, 18 weeks.

If you compare to my last PG, I look a few weeks ahead I think. Honestly, I thought I would have been larger. Honestly, I SHOULD be larger with all the Halloween candy I’m eating! haha!

Here are more photos from last week and our pumpkin patch adventure, and carving pumpkins, etc.

We tried on Sam’s bridesmaid dress for Nicole’s wedding. Aww, she looks so cute. I didn’t really get a great picture of her in the dress cause she was to busy staring at herself in the mirror and primping. hahaha – She goes girly-girl on me when we get her dressed all the time, it’s hilarious.

Well, tomorrow is J’s bday for real, Sam has a Halloween party to go to in the morning, and in the evening I am taking Justin out! Yea!


I’ve been browsing Pottery Barn for Kids for ideas on Sam’s new room. Her new room is really shaped oddly. I’m going to have to map it out and figure out where everything will go.

The window goes low and the wall is pushed out. Then the wall comes back in for about 3 feet. This is the wall at the far end of the room. Then, the rightside wall is pretty long and goes into the door. When you walk into the room the wall oesn’t start for a foot or two and then when it does start, it is pretty short. The left side has a few feet of extra space and then is taken up by the closet, which is then next to the window. So basically, I ‘m thinking of a bed, a dresser, and then a tall bookcase for all of her books. :-) I think I want to get a bed where it has some shelves at the head of the bed. Oh, probably a nightstand too.

Anyway, right now I’m browsing through bedding.

Lavender Katie is pretty. I like the polka dots for the sheets. :-)
Lavender Emily is ok.

I guess I like Lavender for Sam. :) She does look good in purple!


I’m so sick of it being pitch black out when Sam wakes up. It’s to early… and then it feels to early. I guess it won’t with Daylight Savings Time coming up next week! But that sucks too! LOL – Ugh!

Big Bear

We were going to go to Big Bear this weekend with some friends for Justin’s birthday. We cancelled this morning. Honestly, we probably still would have went because the back way (Hwy38) is wide open and the fire was so far from Big Bear… but Justin got deathly ill last night and we cancelled this morning as he was making a Dr appt for meds.

Saw this on a blog (haven’t heard ANYTHING else about Big Bear)… but it doesn’t look good!

12:29 PM – Source: other – From: NBC Ch 4
Ch. 4 News: “People in Big Bear are going to have to hold tight until we get a handle on this fire”, per Robin Prince SB Natl Forest. “not a major concern at this time”.

12:26 PM – Source: other – From: NBC Ch. 4
Per Ch 4 news report, active fire is 2 miles west of Big Bear

UPDATE: Finally got BigBearGrizzly to load their website. They have a good map of things and good updates. No threat to Big Bear at this time but everything west of Snow Valley is being evacuated and it might get to Snow Valley possibly?


We are up in Moonridge, torward the very top. The front of our home is a HUGE ravine with basically nothing under it for a few miles except for brush. I made a quick Google Map of where our house is located (basically), I think this will work. If you click on the checkbox labeled (Our House) on the left hand side a blue dot will come up. We should be fine.

I’m bummed we aren’t going now though! But it will probably be a lot less hectic. We were going to stay until Monday, and then each day next week is COMPLETELY FULL. Justin’s birthday, Halloween, Nicole’s rehearsal AND wedding! Woohoo! It’s going to be a fun week so maybe it’s best that this weekend is quiet.

Anaheim Hills Fire!!

There is a huge fire above our office! The hills behind the park (Sycamore Park?? I forget the name) are all ablaze. Weir Canyon is completely closed going up the hill and Islands at the Festival is saying that many of their employees can’t get to work because of the road closures.

Mike Lalonde lives in the condos behind Ralphs (at Weir Canyon) and Jeannine & Scott Redfox (with their new baby Trevor) live up in that area too. Their house is next to the ravine where they would walk their dogs. I know it seems like there are tons of houses in that area, and their are, but there are also little pockets of brush and ravines that run next to all the homes and through that area behind the Festival.

Stay tuned. These winds aren’t content with the rest of the fires they have started and apparently want more.

I wonder how we would know if our office got the notice to be evacuated? There is a block of commercial offices separating us and the park… I’m sure we will be ok.


The lights are starting to blink on and off…. Power surges? How long will our power last, you think, with these wild hurricane winds?

7 fires total going on… My Aunt Trish used to live right in one of the mandatory evacuation areas of Malibu. Luckily they moved! My Mom talked to my cousin Nicole and she said they were helping evacuate all the horses in Malibu. :(

I hope everyone knows where their flashlights are. Luckily we just carved pumpkins this morning so we definitely know where the matches and candles are! heehee!

Update: Gah! We do have a fire in our area!! Watch out 241 & 133 fwy areas… It’s gonna be a wild couple of days… Winds won’t die down until late Tuesday, I heard. I was wondering if earthquakes happen while other catastrophes are going on? That would be awful. I don’t know why I always think these morbid things.

One Year Ago

Read This.

Did you read it? Yea.

This morning, as Sam was opening up our junk drawer where the scissors were at the end of the drawer and she could probably reach them, Justin said… “Maybe we should baby proof this house someday.”

No, really? I parrotted back his words to him (the ones he said over and over about us watching her carefully all the time, etc. etc). What a selective memory! LOL

Good Deals

Nice! I wanted to download Quicken to keep track of all my online activity and start watching my budget online. Well, I did the free trial a few months ago (had problems synching my Wamu account with them – which they finally fixed four months later) so I decided to buy it today.

When I was filling out the form it asked me if I had any special offers. Well, instead of ignoring it, I got SMART and Google’d “Special Offer Code quicken 2008” and got a $12.00 coupon for it! Yea!

So if you are buying anything online… be sure to Google any coupon codes for the store you are buying at. :-)

Hot Buys for Oct

OK, I have all these posts sitting in my RSS reader cause I keep looking at all these THINGS! Sam’s birthday is coming up…. actually the twin’s 5th birthday is coming up at the end of Nov, Sam’s bday is Dec 9th, CHRISTMAS, and then Ryan’s birthday is at the end of Dec. So many fun things to buy for all the little kiddos!

I really can’t decide what to get Sam for Christmas. I’m at a loss. Much less for her birthday. Much less what type of party I’m throwing for her birthday? I haven’t even thought of it. Well, I’ve thought about what a lot of work I think it’s going to be. hahahah :) Considering I haven’t even thought about invitations yet, maybe this will be an eVite type of party. Sheesh.

So, on to all the things I have saved in my RSS Reader. Some are cute, some are werid, but I wanted to have a record here of them so I could go back and browse later. :)

Mealtime Dinner Sets – How cute are these! We haven’t moved Sam from her high chair yet (our booster seat sucks – we need to find a new one!) so when we do, it will be cute to have a good placemat and better dinner stuff for her. Rjight now we have 3 plates that we use for her that get used over and over and over again. From the same site (which was the link in my RSS reader) check out the bright pink kitcken!

Puzzles! Kara is a puzzle freak and adores them. So that will definitely be on my list. This is from the same site above but these needed their own link.

Click Clack Tree – Ok this is in Europe and I’m sure the shipping to US is icky but I LOVED this stuff. I’m sure Sam would adore it. Actually I know she would, there was a toy store in Vegas where they had these marbles that you would put down and it would clickity clack it’s way down to tunnles and things and she wanted more more MORE. So I need to find one of these for her. Just one that doesn’t have teeny marbles that she could swallow. :)

Changing tables – Bored of those white padded changing tables where you are supposed to put the covers on? Which I only did for 3 months with Sam? These are cute!

Smash Crash book – Gah, they TALKED about this book on the blog yet IT IS NOT OUT YET. What is up with that? It’s not coming out until JAN, after Christmas. I just KNOW Ryan and Kyle would love this book (I’m not sure how much they read) but they adore cars. And smashing and crashing (with good endings) is always fun. Have to remember to get this when it comes out for them!

Eating Utensils – Speaking of those dinner times.. I should have put this up above but it’s a different site. Again, for Kyle and Ryan, these would be GREAT! Construction ones!

Baby Bibs – Ok, we have 100 of these but Sam always just tore them off. These look more like SHIRTS! Cute, huh? Although looking at the site right now, they seemed to be priced as shirts too. Yikes.

Girl Power Shirts – These are awesome. Seriously tempted to buy all of them for Sam. LOL – Is our girl a “Princess”? No way! She’s gonna be “President!” So check out this “President – Not Princess” shirt. Tired of the “Diva” shirts? Yep, they have a “Doctor – Not Diva” one too! This whole site has super cute clothes and things, including some fun TWIN shirts for some twins coming soon.. Hmmm. Yea, I just got lost at that site. Seriously fun.

Superheros – All kids love to be Super hero’s. Especially if they get a cape to fly in! Check out this cape where you can get their initial on it!!!! So hysterical!

Sweet Slippers – I really want to get Sam some slippers. :)

See, again? What in the world should I get Sam? haha – There are so many cute things out there! Or cute ideas… to search for!

Big Bird or Elmo

We tried on Sam’s Halloween costume this afternoon. Of course, after she preens and giggles at herself in the fireplace reflection by the time I got my camera she got shy. She was also probably roasting since I put it on top of her pants and long sleeved shirt.

She has an adoring relationship with my camera. Since I show her the videos on it after I take them, she likes to watch them over and over and over again. We watched this one at least 20 times, at which point I told her it went to sleep. We would wake it up later to watch. And she had a HUGE throw herself down on the floor tantrum. It was pretty funny.

So I left the living room and sat down at my computer telling her that when she was ready to stop crying and be a good girl, we could play. It took a few minutes but she calmed down, as I kept repeating it to her as she was stuck in the living room. :)

Later that evening, she hopped on my lap and saw my camera and freaked out for it. We watched the video one time on the computer though (my mistake, I guess) because Justin hadn’t seen it. After that, she had a WORSE meltdown. Wow, it was bad. She was SCREAMING for Elmo. J tried to show her a video on his computer but she wanted ELMO (or, I guess her?). We moved to the living room to distract her and that didn’t work. Screaming, screaming, screaming.

So Justin put her in time out facing the wall in a corner of the dining room. haha – She would sit there screaming and then get up, still screaming, so he would walk over there and tell her firmly to stop crying, etc. etc. He had to do that at least four times.

It’s really funny, in my opinion, I guess… when you finally get a kid (or Sam) to snap out of it. When you ask them, “are you ready to stop crying and be a good girl?” if they stop to take a breathe you just try to take THAT as the assumption they stopped. haha – Then just move along! “Good job! Let’s have a tea party now!” hahaha

We are also trying to do the apologize thing after the time outs. “I’m sorry. Are you sorry? I love you, give me a hug. Now, go give Papa a hug and tell him you are sorry and you love him” And we all hug. Fun stuff.

Go Elmo.


WHY must I read directions at least FOUR times to get something to work? Gah. Seriously. Every time. I read something, go along on my merry way. Stare at it for awhile when it doesn’t work. Read one part of the directions again. Fiddle with something to make it work.

Stare at it some more.

Then go back and read ALL the directions. Ahhhh..

Well, let’s see if this works. I suppose I can just go back and read them again!