Nora Roberts

I love reading Nora Roberts. She is one of my favorite authors.

Today Morrigan’s Cross (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1) came out, which I’m now in the middle of. Luckily they found it when I got to Borders and harrassed the nice CS guy.

All of the September books come out the Tuesday before the month starts. So, I look up the new Avon authors and any others that I’m keeping my eye out for, write them down in a quick list so I won’t miss any, and hightail it over to Borders! Half the time they seriously disappoint me.

Today, it was ‘The lady who does that isn’t here until noon, so they won’t be out until this evening’. Seriously! If something is going to be out today, it better be OUT on the SHELVES when you OPEN!!! Anything else is bad business. BOO!

I got my Nora though. He went in the back and it was in the top box waiting to be unpacked so he sneaked me one. I really should just order through Amazon… but i usually forget to do it in time, and we are leaving to BB on Friday and I need some books to read. :-) I suppose I will go tomorrow to pick up the rest. Or, try Target. Sometimes Target or the bookstore has the books on Monday, a full day early. Which is SO exciting to me. hahaha – I will have to try their next month but this month I had a list of about 10 to get. I figured they wouldn’t have them all.

Back to Nora… She is such a fast writer. She writes these trilogies and they come out one after another… so I just have one more month to wait for Dance of the Gods (The Circle Trilogy, Book 2) and then another for Valley of Silence (The Circle Trilogy, Book 3).

She is writing fantasy/time travel this time and wow, so far it’s really good.

Love it!

On a Happier Note…

Here are two of the videos that show her crawling.

Sam’s First Crawl

Sammy Really Crawling! (Both of our cats are wandering around in this video – hehe)

We are also having fun trying to find new things for her to eat. Our doc said that by 9 months she should be on all people food, and not baby jar food. Ack! I don’t know what to give her for a healthy balanced meal, three times a day?? I have enough problems with my own diet and now I have to figure out hers? Jeez…

Anyway, she loves everything BUT this baby jar pasta dish stuff. Man, she hates that stuff. Not sure why. Everything else we give her she gobbles down but she is starting to slowly show a preferenced.

Like, she used to eat 30 cheerios but now will only eat 3 in the morning. If we give her a cherry puff and a veggie cracker some days she will zero in on the puffs and others on the cracker. It’s funny to see what kind of mood she will be in.

She loves avocado. I just bought string cheese (easier to break off in chunks), bologna, and apple crisps. The apple crisps she had a bad time with because they were huge… and they disolve easy but when you stick the WHOLE thing in your mouth at one time I think that’s a lot of gooey stuff to handle.

So, I dunno. We will see how this whole food thing goes at her 9 month appt. I should probably start trying to figure out how many calories she needs a day… but then I still nurse her, oh, 5 or 6 times a day, so technically that is all the nutrition she needs… besides some iron… but maybe I should cut down on the nursing a little.

Who knows. :-) She’s such a happy baby though. We are all having a great time.


I Called 911 Today

Yep, I did. Ok, actually it was yesterday.

I joined the millions of parents who have called 911 to freak out about something happening to their child. It must be some sort of rite of passage thing that you have to do.

I hope that was the last time I have to do that though!

What happened? Well, Sam wanted to see if she could fly. Yea, she found out she can’t.

Seriously though, she went lurching off our bed last night while we were getting ready for her bath. It was the freakiest thing ever. Looking at my baby smiling at me while she jumps forward into thin air and falls head first to the floor.

We have a really high bed too. Ok, it’s not that high. It’s about 3 feet. Waist level. I think it’s high. I would personally like a stepping stool to get into bed each night, but whatever.

She cried. Really loudly. I totally forget how exactly she landed as it’s all a blur but it was basically that lurch into mid-air, tilt downward, and land flat on her head thing. She kept crying. Dang, I don’t blame her at all!

The first thing I wanted to do was to call 911 though. I had this discussion with someone (maybe it was on my babyboard, or an article I read?) about brain injuries and how it’s really important to get your child checked out if they have a bad fall. I remember talking/reading about how waist level drops were ‘generally’ not that tramatic (mileage may vary, of course!) and let’s face it, how many kids had fell off the bed before? I dropped my brother out of a rocking chair (haha – the poor guy! I was 10 though!), Justin fell of the counter somehow (says his Momma)…

Anyway, even thought she was crying which is telling me that everything is working ok, and she can move all her limbs so nothing is broken or crazy… I thought I should call. So I did.

They didn’t help that much. ‘Help’ being reassuring me that my baby would be fine. They did answer fast though. That was nice. I’ve never called 911 before and sometimes you hear those news stories where people have horrible stories about them. Which is why they are on the news for it in the first place. Blah.

So, she transfered me to the fire department. I repeated again what happened and asked if there is anything I should look for. He basically said, they can come out here, we can go to ER, or we can watch her. Our choice. I realize it’s not his job to reassure me about all the things we should look for in our baby but it would have been nice to have a neat list that we could run down and check her out with. Then, of course, if something happened later they could be liable… It sucks we live in such a sue-happy world.

She was breathing, she was crying, nothing was broken though. Alright. So I got off the phone and calmed down a little. Then, I just got in bed with her and nursed her. Justin and I both laid down with her for awhile and checked her out again ten minutes later. We got out a flashlight to check and see if her eyes dialated and they did.

And she is totally fine today behaving very normally. :-) So that was our fun experience with 911. Sooooo hope we never have to do it again.

So Many Changes

Well, we are crawling now! One week after sitting up, she is becoming a little mover and shaker. :-) We have two videos to show off and of course, Google is ‘processing’ them. Ugh. I will post those soon. It was pretty cool though, she was moving around the living room but she was doing a one step, then sit, and then turn in a different direction, one step, and then sit. So I put her down behind the couch in our walkway because she dropped a toy and she started crawling toward it! Wow! Then, I had to video it. Then, a few hours later when Poppa got home we got a great video of her crawling 5 or 6 steps.

She is still pretty slow right now but I’m sure she will speed up. And the house is still not child-proofed! Yikes! Oh well, we will see what she gets into and what we have to get, I suppose.

We also got a new fridge! It’s so nice having a fresh shiny fridge to place all of your food in. :-) As Krysta said, it makes all the food you have so pretty that you want to eat it all up! Well, I have never had that problem anyway but it does look very nice inside. :-)


Wow. This was so cool. Today Sam waved again at Poppa as he left for work after lunch. It was seriously the best so I spent all afternoon saying ‘bye’ to her. haha – Poor thing. I think she was confused since I wasn’t going anywhere!

Anyway, she started SAYING ‘bu’ when she was waving!!!! Wow!!! She speaks!

Seriously awesome.

Although, her first word is ‘bye’. Hmmm… Oh well!

Here is the video of Sam saying bye. I just want to watch it over and over again!

Justin & Taylor

Justin Timberlake Slams Taylor Hicks
View Gossip Rag…

We were driving yesterday and listening to 106.7, Kevin & Bean, and they reported this story. I don’t know why it bugs me so much! I’m not a huge fan of Justin’s but it makes me sad that he would slam people like this! (I’m embarrased that it’s bugging me! haha)

K&B were laughing hysterically because they hate AI and they hate JT… and they said it’s ironic that JT said that because he’s one chromosome away from AI… which IS funny.

Stars nowdays should simply NOT open their MOUTHS. With Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, and others… it’s simply embarrassing what we have to learn about these people.

I like their movies and records better when I didn’t have to know what absolute idiots and jerks these people are.


No More Bumbo

What is a Bumbo? It’s just the greatest seat for little babies who can’t sit up on their own. It’s also really handy to sit them in on counters while you are washing dishes, on the table, at restaurants, etc.

We love our Bumbo. Loved…

Today Sam was able to get out of it. I’m happy to report that I was sitting right in front of her when she did so I was able to grab her as she almost face planted on the table… (whew)

She can’t crawl yet but I’m already missing the days where I could set her under her playmat and she wouldn’t go anywhere…

It certainly is exciting with her moving to a sitting position all by herself! (She did it 5 or 6 times yesterday) All she wants to do is sit down, stand up with our help or on a toy, sit back down and do it again. Pretty fun!


I’m such a geek! :-) Blogger updated their system which now includes ‘Labels’. That means I can categorize my posts and they will appear on the right hand side.

I’m so excited about this. LOL

I’ve gone through half of my old posts and am putting them into categories. Sadly it is ALL ABOUT SAM! I should post some other things that don’t pertain to my pride and joy, but it’s just to much FUN to talk about her all the time!

I will try to do both in the future.

Milestone: Sitting Up

Yea! Yesterday she rolled across the floor, braced herself against the packnplay, and sat up herself. We thought it was a fluke….

Today, I put her down for a nap (awake) and went in twice to soothe… Each time she was sitting up by herself! No, the nap did not work, I just got her up and fed her and she slept on me for awhile. Booo.

This afternoon, she sat up by herself without the use of something to brace herself.


We lowered the crib today.

Oohhohh! We took pictures too! We were finally at the Spectrum and Kiddie Kandids had NO LINE so I got some pictures done. They aren’t my favorites, but they are sure cute :-)

Check them out now!


Wow! We have a little spot of white poking through on Sam’s bottom right gum. Today she has been sticking her fist in her mouth often and drooling a little more than usual. She was in a bad mood in the afternoon but I think that was because she woke up from her nap early. Very exciting though. I keep trying to peel back her lip to peek and she doesn’t like it. I’ve been using a spoon lately :-) She likes to eat the spoon so I curl her lip back with it. hehe

Kind of scary though… I hope I don’t get bit while nursing. I know of a lot of mom’s who have though so I will try to think positively!

This afternoon I had her in the crib while I was putting away her laundry and she found her pacifier. I had it floating in the crib even though I only place her in there at night, after she is already asleep. She hasn’t napped in there for awhile either. *sigh*

Anyway, she grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth! I was shocked! Then, she spent the next five minutes popping it out of her mouth while she was biting on it. *POP* … Stuck it back in… *POP*

It was pretty funny. I gave it to her at night before feeding when she usually cries when we change her into her night clothes and she was a lot calmer. The rubber must be helping her gums?

She can also *almost* stand up while grabbing our legs and pushing and today she was pretty close to sitting up by herself. Wow! Crawling may be in our future this month.

Happy 8 Month Day!

Happy 8 months to Sammy Leigh!

We woke up today at 5, but slept in together until 730. We went to swim lessons, which sadly she didn’t like at all. I’m not sure if the water was to cold, she was hungry, or tired… probably all three. We will have to mix things up tomorrow. She had fun when I put her on the side of the pool though. Probably because the concrete was nice and warm. Here she is pictured with her bud, Isaiah, who is an awesome swimmer. He also has SIX teeth already! Wow!

When she did nap, she napped on Mommy and refused to be put down in her crib. Boooo :-) She was cranky the rest of the day which means Poppa gets her for awhile in the evening. Whew. I need my ‘me’ time otherwise I’M cranky.

Today also marks the end of the month for my weight loss goal. I actually reached my goal of losing 2.5! I will obviously have to make a better goal for next month as I would have done more if I wasn’t lazy and did not eat cookies and cream ice cream all weekend up in Big Bear.

Three pounds to loose next month! Hey, I’m getting close to my weight posted on my drivers license… heehee!