Reading Wheat Belly

by Kristi on March 6, 2013 · 0 comments

Have you read Wheat Belly yet? It was popular a few years ago. I follow a different diet but the concept of no gluten is the same. My Mom had it and lent it to me. Actually, I’m not sure if she meant to but the book was in her car when the hubby was driving it so he picked it up and gave it to me. 🙂

I’m slowly, very slowly, reading it and it’s just fascinating. I’m only in the first few chapters but he’s describing how wheat can cross the blood-brain barrier by having the gluten turn into polypeptides and bond with our brain and make us happy… and want to eat more wheat! Makes sense. I could never eat just one piece of pizza. Or one dinner roll. Or really anything that was breaded. Yum. Ahhh.

Anyway, he talked about how some doctor took away wheat in schizophrenic patients for four weeks and they had a remarkable improvement in hallucinations, delusions, and other things. His poing is not that wheat causes schizophrenia but that it makes the conditions that much worse. Here is a good article about what he was talking about.

Wheat does taste good. Everyone says ‘but I just couldn’t stop eating it forever’ and yes, it’s hard. Once you stop eating it, you stop craving it though. It’s really like a drug. For me, at least.

Strangely enough, so are almonds and cashews. I purchased some baked goods from SCDBakery that I would technically be able to eat in a few months when I can graduate to that stage but on Sunday I was feeling sorry for myself so I had some. OH my gosh, the almond flour biscuits were amazing. And zucchini bread with almond flour? I wanted to eat the whole thing. I froze the rest so I can take them in a month or two.

It’s weird how I have awful food addictions. Right now, I’m addicted to veggies. I can make two whole pots of steamed broccoli and it will be gone so fast. I cover it with salt and it’s delicious. Weird, I’m sure… but at least I’m eating something that makes me feel good!

I wish I could eat anything I wanted… if I want to take some hard core medicine and drugs for my Crohn’s Disease, I probably could but I draw the line at that. This diet is hard but I feel great on it!

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