What a Fantastic Day

by Kristi on January 20, 2009 · 4 comments

I know it’s been covered so many places but…

HOORAY!!! Wasn’t that Inauguration fantastic??  I just loved watching the crowds in DC, over 2 million people in the Mall, I think?  Knowing that so many people were watching at home or streaming it live over the Internet.  If anyone wants the text of his speech (it’s everywhere!) but here is a link to it on CNN. I loved the part about the different parts of the worlds. It was all awesome.

I actually went to the gym this morning because I knew if I was at home I wouldn’t be able to hear everything, see it, etc.  It was a good choice.  I was giddy when people were clapping in the gym. Although I had an irrational annoyance to those who didn’t see to be paying ANY sort of attention at all.  Did they not realize they could be part of history?  I shouldn’t judge. Maybe they had it tivo’d.

After I did my forty minutes on the elliptical, I went to my new uStream.tv iPhone application to turn on the live streaming video. Can I just say I ADORE my iPhone? Sadly, it needed wifi and 3G wasn’t working for it. Bummer. I still love you, iPhone!  So I just did another twelve minutes so I could see the rest of the speech instead of sit ups. It was worth it! I’ll catch up on my sit ups and doing the plank later.

After that, we were extremely busy with Griff’s nap, waking G up to go to Gymboree Sportsclass, scrambling to get both children (and me! Don’t forget me!) fed, and then off to dance class.  Both children are currently asleep now. Yes. ASLEEP. BOTH OF THEM.  And it’s been awhile so I don’t feel bad jinxing it.  When they get up, I will be turning the TV back on to watch more inaugural activities!

What a fantastic day.  A day for history.