It Must Be Monday…

by Kristi on January 26, 2009 · 0 comments

Ooh, I was so proud of myself this morning from distancing my temper from Sam’s temper. Yea, did that make sense? Well, anyway, EVERY MORNING she throws a big fit about getting dressed and changing her diaper. It has been this way for soooo long. We are just stuck in this huge rut that is so hard to escape. Over the years I have changed things up and it goes from ok to better, to terrible, to Mommy throwing a tantrum along with her.

But today, I kept my cool… She was so hungry, she wanted to eat. She wanted to eat. She wanted to eat. Yes, fine. Let’s get dressed, shall we? (The irritating thing here was me wrestling with her while she is bitching, and then Papa walks over to smile and say something cute and she stops, SMILES AT HIM, says something sweet, and then she looks back at me to GLARE at me and flings her hair around. SRSLY) After the whole thing, she walked downstairs crying, and crying, and crying… That girl can cry. She will just continue to cry too! She won’t stop. It’s also the really fake annoying crying which grates.  But as she was walking downstairs, instead of screaming out hysterically to PLEASE STOP IT YOU ARE DRIVING MOMMY MAD AND IT’S ONLY 8 IN THE MORNING, I called out, Sam do you want to eat?  And she stopped crying and said, Yep! And then went to play with her toys. Oh god, and it will just get worse when she is a teenager, won’t it? So I got Griff ready and we came downstairs and all was right in the world.

An hour later, I realized Griff was in a horrible mood. Instead of putting you through six more paragraphs of me venting, I deleted it all. Aren’t I nice? Suffice to say the dude needed sleep, was not getting it, and there seems to be something wrong with him because my sweet baby has been GONE the whole day. I would like him back please. Kthxbai!

Luckily I feel much better that both kiddos are asleep, I ate a ton of chocolate chips, and am now just vegging out.

I have finished three FANTASTIC books this weekend (have not blogged but they were great) and I am waiting for tomorrow because it’s the last Tuesday of the month! That means all the new book releases come out for February!  It really is quite difficult because I am now on a book budget and need to juggle my gift certificates and make them last until my birthday.  At which point I will beg for more!  I should go over to Yorba Linda Library and get a library card as well.  If I check books out, I need to be sure to put them in a safe place and actually return them.

Do libraries keep a wanted list of past offenders and circulate it around because I might be in trouble if they do.

So here is a list of the books that are coming out tomorrow:

*** MUST HAVE but a Hardcover – Susan Elizabeth Phillips – What I Did For Love
*** MUST HAVE but a Hardcover – Suzanne Brockmann – Dark of Night
** Susan Wiggs – Fireside
** Susan Mallery – Falling for Gracie

Sherryl Woods – About That Man
Sherryl Woods – Along Came Trouble
Sherryl Woods – Ask Anyone
Julieann Maclean – When a Stranger Loves Me
Madeline Hunter – The Sins of Lord Easterbrook

I definitely have to pick up Phillips and Brockmann.  Phillips, as I posted before, is one of my favorite authors and I simply must have her book and read it immediately. Susan Brockmann is not in my special bookcase but I’m thinking I need to relocate her.  She writes a wonderful series on Navy SEALs and this is the latest in the installments and I can’t wait to read it.

Susan Wiggs, I will probably have to pick up.  She writes wonderful books.  When my MIL asked to borrow a book a few weeks ago, I thought long and hard on what I should recommend.  I always do that! I have to know what you are looking for, what you like, etc, and I gave her a Susan Wiggs book as well as a Catherine Anderson (which she just came out with a book two weeks ago and I read over the weekend – was fabulous!).  I once bid on and won an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) for Susan Wiggs, it was awesome. Later I felt bad though that I didn’t have the hard cover.

Susan Mallory is a reissue but I love her books. She writes fun and sassy contemporaries and this one sounds really funny.

As for the last three authors, I might have to put those on my birthday list or try and find them at the library.  I just wonder when the library actually gets the new books?  The three from Sheryl Woods are reissues as well but I haven’t read them and I know I will like them.  But there is also a new Mary Balogh hard cover coming out next month as well as tons of other ones so I might have to pass on them.

Decisions, decisions.  My Mom is taking Sam for a few hours in the morning and I will have to decide if I should delay Griff’s nap so I can run to Borders at 10am or not.  Probably not. Especially if the poor dude is sick.  Although if he is still sick I am taking him in to the doctors. Even if he doesn’t have a temperature!  He is not a happy camper, poor baby!

As for now, I am starting on a Terry Pratchet book, Mort, that my FIL and SIL picked out for me. They adore Terry Pratchet and picked out books for all the family members to read, ones that they thought we would like.  I’m only a few pages in but he definitely has a quirky sense of humor!

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