Sweet G

by Kristi on October 13, 2008 · 2 comments

On a very sweet note, three times today G seemed to need to hold on to me to go to sleep. It was so cute.

The first time was in the Bjorn and I was dancing around giving him the turbulence these babies need to drift off to sleep in a busy place (Long Beach Aquarium!) and his right hand was grabbing my arm so tightly. He didn’t let go until about ten minutes later I had to ease my way under his hand to push the empty stroller around.

The next time was in bed. Sam was in bed. And J, G, and I were in bed. Sadly, J and I both had pillows over our heads and were so dead tired. G was not. However, at some point, after nursing him THREE times, I somehow got him to go to bed, and again he was clenching my hand with his.

The last time was when I was really thinking about it. I was nursing him to sleep since he doesn’t take a bottle anymore from me and we were sitting in his room. I had my iPhone with me, reading my email and blogs. Since I have to use two hands to nurse (so silly, I swear) he thought it was funny to keep grabbing me hand and pinching the skin on the back of my hand. Since my veins always feel terrible, I kept moving my hand, and we were just dancing around. This continued for QUITE a long time, plus he kept waving his hand in front of my vision to my phone (I keep it out of HIS vision – but I’m bored when I sit there!) so I kept moving and so did he…

Anyway, I switch sides and I’ve found over the past few weeks, my right side is where he likes to drift off. I think I hug him more snugly to me. His right hand came up and patted my cheek, held on to my nose, and then went back to my cheese. As he slowly drifted off.

Such beautiful times make me cherish these days.

And not to be outdone, Sam and I have been playing ‘who loves you more’ games, which is so sweet as well. 🙂 Something wonderful about hearing ‘I love you’ from your cute baby.

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1 Angela October 19, 2008 at 4:16 am

you so have my vote for Mother of the Year!! i LOVE hearing these sweet stories about your two little ones!! precious, for sure 🙂

2 kristina October 22, 2008 at 2:14 am

I needed two hands to nurse too!

Sweet, sweet G.

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