Fiesta at San Antonio Church, Anaheim, CA

Eek! This weekend is the San Antonio Fiesta! Directions.

Ahh, what memories. I loved the fiesta. It was the start of every school year. Such drama happened every year. I can’t wait to take Sam! We are going tomorrow. I finally feel better, yipee.

Friday – 5:30pm – 10pm
Saturday – 12noon – 10pm
Sunday – 12noon – 8pm

I had to look up the times. I thought it started earlier on Saturday, bummer. Also, today, 5:30, ick. Maybe I will make Justin go tonight, I dunno. Sam only slept an hour and a half today (booo) so now I’m like, hmm, what shall we do? hehe

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2 thoughts on “Fiesta at San Antonio Church, Anaheim, CA”

  1. What time are you guys going tommorow? We are going tonight at around 6:30 and tommorow at about 5, let me know so we can meet up!

  2. Yea! Fun seeing you tonight! For the, you know, 4 seconds we chatted…. hahahah :-) What a MADHOUSE!!! All those little crazy kids, jeez. And not even the little ones… I totally got tagged by silly string by some crazy girl. heehee

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