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by Kristi on February 12, 2007 · 0 comments

Argh… So, I read this blog post about someone saying the Oscars are on in a few hours (Sunday afternoon) and I was like, um, hello, it’s the GRAMMY’S, right? Right. So I check TV.Yahoo.com (eh, I hate Yahoo but their TV Guide is easy…) and I see spoilers for the Grammy’s (I don’t really care, not a big fan of watching them) and then I see this advert that goes to some gossipy-gossip rag (ah, I love those) about GREY’S.

Yes. I had to.

I clicked.

And what did it say? It said that DENNY is rumored to be coming back.

YES! Really strange right?

“Denny does not appear in a flashback.
Denny does not appear in a dream.
It is Denny and not something kooky like his twin.
Denny is not the only one we see. “

WTF!!!! See this post…

And this past Thursday, while very good, was definitely a setup for the next two Thursday’s. And then I started reading in the comments about people referencing GreysWriters… and I FORGOT to go read it this week! So I read it.

One of the comments on the first post (I’ve only read the first 10, don’t worry) talks about Merdith having some sort of experience drowning and seeing Denny, George’s father, and the guy who got killed by the bomb. INTERESTING.

I don’t know how big I am about near death experiences… I do believe in reincarnation… but not sure how this will all work out on film. We shall see. I think they need to move on from Denny and Izzy needs to get another love interest. McSteamy maybe? Also, the gossip rag referenced (in another post I think) ABC hiring a 10-12 yo little girl for NEXT season… possibly Izzy’s daughter she gave up for adoption!?

Love Grey’s. LOVE IT!

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